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Michelin tubes splitting at the seam?(4 posts)

Michelin tubes splitting at the seam?Jekyll
Aug 23, 2002 6:09 AM
Kind of odd - two rides - 2 front tubes down the toilet. Both split at a seam (not a puncture per say, but almost like a split right at the union of tube material). Both tubes gave way after the rides. Tire is an Axial Pro only about 300 miles old. Damage at different areas of the wheel (I match tire labels to stem holes so the tire and rim would not seem to be the culprits). Second tube was brand new, the first one only a few rides old. Tried to patch both but the seam continued to split under the patch and poo-pooed both. Just seems a little odd.
Anyone else ever run into this?
Probably just a bad batchSilverback
Aug 23, 2002 7:24 AM
Stuff like that happens. I've had tubes split and had a tire (also a Michelin, but I'm willing to call it coincidence) fall apart at about 50 miles--the tread just peeled off it. Just recently, I had a couple of Wheelsmith spokes on a new, pro-built wheel snap right where the threads start.
Some glitch in the production line, I imagine, and they run so fast they might spit out 50 or 100 before anybody realizes it. I worked in a garage in college, and a similar thing happened--we got a bunch of bad thermostats from a supplier, and had people boiling over and spewing antifreeze all over town.
Aug 23, 2002 4:03 PM
This kind of problem has been reported for nearly every brand of tube on the market. I've had great luck with Michelins, so it is not an inherent defect. You might take them back to where ever you bought them and ask for replacements. They seem clearly defective if they failed as you describe (with no mounting flubs on your part).
re: Michelin tubes splitting at the seam?curlybike
Aug 24, 2002 6:36 AM
I had a couple of boxes of the ones with the red labels that were failing where the tube loop was formed. It would pooch out right at the joint line and look just like it had blown into the recess(depression)in the rim tape.After examination, I found that there was no depression under that spot and it was actual tube failure. I have started using the A1R-stop tube that have the green on the box. They are slightly heavier, 15g., but I rather not fix flats on the road. Splits in anything seem to want to continue forever.