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Ksyrium Free Wheel Noise(3 posts)

Ksyrium Free Wheel NoiseWheelz
Aug 22, 2002 11:07 AM
Some time ago, I posted a question regarding my rear free wheel on my Ksyrium making a hellacious noise. I wanted to post the solution, in the event anyone else had a similar problem.

Mavic apparently knows about the problem but seems to be stalling on the issue. (They have a known driver issue), and have told me to service the hub, and see if that fixes the problem. I have done the annual service (nice of them to mention annual service when I purchased the wheels -NOT), I've put about 300 miles on the wheels, and so far, so good.

They have a seal drag problem, and a problem with the pawls getting burred- making the cassette "catch" upon coasting fast. This dangerously winds the chain up, making a hellacious noise. Part of the problem is that the cassette only has two big pawls in there, instead of the usual 3-6 of normal cassettes, or 20-30 of hugi, etc...

Basically, you pop the non-drive side axle nut off of the axle; inside that side in a 10mm hex socket. Working from the drive side, insert a 5mm allen key and back the two allens off- removing the axle out the drive side. Next,
carefully (!!) pull the cassette body off of the hub as you wind the body in the coasting direction. Be careful as you may lose the pawl or pawl spring (Damn impossible to find on the shop floor by the way). Next clean and lube
with a light mineral oil (shimano disc brake fluid was recommended by the mechanic at the shop) A)black seal left inside the hub body when cassette was pulled off, B) white nylon seal left in the cassette body inboard of the of
the pawl notches, and C) the pawl notches themselves. That is the basic annual service for the rear hub.

Unfortunately you can't get the manual on-line, so you'll have to check with your LBS if you need graphics.

Check the pawls for any burring, or disfiguring, and replace if necessary. Those parts are hard to get a hold of, but can be ordered.

I do not recommend this be done at home unless you are really comfortable working on component level products. You can bet, that if you get stuck, you'll blow your warranty with Mavic.
re: Ksyrium Free Wheel Noisedivve
Aug 23, 2002 7:54 AM
You can get all the manual on-line from their secret dealer site:)
Smoken, Thanks (nm)Wheelz
Aug 23, 2002 1:09 PM