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Dura-ace bottom bracket question(5 posts)

Dura-ace bottom bracket questionpeloton
Aug 22, 2002 1:12 AM
Recently switched to a dura-ace bottom bracket instead of ultegra. I know it's no secret that the DA unit requires a lot more maintenence than the ultegra unit. I've been experiementing with different rebuilds on the DA unit in an effort to make it run as friction and noise free as possible. Yesterday I rebuilt it using the old trackie trick of using oil rather than grease on the ball and needle bearings inside. Haven't ridden it yet, but it appears to spin more easily than with grease (Park grease, FWIW). Has anyone else out there tried this? If so, what sort of mileage did you see before a rebuild was needed again? I'm assuming a shorter lapse between rebuilds. Anyone have any other ideas that worked well for making the DA bottom bracket run friction and noise free?
re: Dura-ace bottom bracket questionJuanmoretime
Aug 22, 2002 1:45 AM
I just use finishline grease on mine. The rebuild I do is every 1,000 miles or right after it gets wet. I have found you have to run the tolerances tight or it will creak. Plus if your pedaling relatively smooth circles it will be silent but get to climbing or pushing against a strong head wind where you are mashing on the down stroke, and the dreaded creak is there. I'm considering going to Ultegra when this one wears out depending upon the total mileage I get out of this one. Post how your experiment with the oil goes, I'm interested.
re: Dura-ace bottom bracket questiondivve
Aug 22, 2002 2:40 AM
Personally I wouldn't be too concerned with the drag that grease may cause. The drawbacks of lack of lubrication due to the oil running out of the bearings are just too great. I recommend using a thick type of marine grease. Sta Lube Marine Grease for instance works really well.
re: Dura-ace bottom bracket questionclintb
Aug 22, 2002 5:41 AM
If you're into rebuilding every 500mi, then use the oil. For us normal folks that would rather ride, I'll stick with grease. A good helping of Phil Wood grease and teflon tape on the cups has kept my DA BB creak free. That's even during and after 100K in the rain. I guess I'm lucky though. My TCR frame has a drain hole in the BB.
the noise led me to find another fixpeloton
Aug 22, 2002 5:47 PM
Well, here is my final solution. I've only been riding this bottom bracket for a short time now. It worked fine at first, but has developed a lot of noise since. I've tried rebuilding it every way that I can think of, and I used to be a shop mech, so I'm not completely clueless with this sort of thing. The oil experiment gave what felt like a smoother ride today. The BB spun much more easily in the hand, and it felt okay doing a quick 30 miler this morning. The noise was still there though. Because of this I went and 'upgraded' to an Ultegra bottom bracket. No maintenence here, and no noise from my past experiences. I guess that it goes to prove that 'better' isn't always the best thing.