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Tufo Tubular Tape Experience(1 post)

Tufo Tubular Tape ExperienceRickF
Aug 21, 2002 5:48 PM
I recently saw a post on this and decided to try it out on my new Mavic Krsyrium SSC Tubulars and thought I would share the experience.

In the earlier post, one person said that you attached the exposed tape to the rim and then just peeled off the backing. However, the directions show that the side with a narrower raised edge should be facing up from the rim. This is the side without the backing. So, you need to peel the backing off as you are applying that side to the rim, which makes it considerably more difficult to apply since the side that was exposed to begin with is sticking to your fingers. I don't know what, if any, problems might occur doing it the opposite way, but figured I'd try the way the directions had it.

I have no doubt that the tape will hold, because it held onto my tire (Vittoria Corsa CX T.T.) like a vise once I stretched it over the rim. I had a bit more success positioning the front tire than the rear, but really struggled to make either move. At this point, I'm wondering how successful I will be at getting the tire off the rim if I flat.

All in all, I would have to say I'm not that impressed with the tape. It certainly was not as much of a mess as the glue, but I do like to get my tire on straight. I certainly wouldn't hesitate to ride full out if I used it to put a spare on after a flat, as it really does adhere quickly. OTOH, I've changed tubulars during road races in the past and never rolled a tire.