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computer sensor/magnet position problem(1 post)

computer sensor/magnet position problemDaveG
Aug 21, 2002 5:02 PM
Twice in that past two weeks my Cateye Mity3 has stopped working. After some fiddling it appears that the system was extremely sensitive the the vertical alignment of the sensor. Said another way, the system stopped working if the front edge of the magnet was not exactly dead centered on the "marking line" on the sensor. Apparently the sensor had slid down the fork just a couple of millimeters but not so much that the magnet did not cross the marking line. Surprisingly, the horizontal distance from the sensor to the magnet seemed to make little difference within several mm. I have never experienced such sensitivity with the sensor position on other computers, and I have two other Cateye computers (older Mity2 and At100). Anyone else had this experience and/or have any suggestions to improve operations?