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Rock Shock PartsJOC
Aug 21, 2002 1:38 PM
Where can I find new elastometers for for a 96 Rock Shock Quadra 21 front shock. My LBS says not made anymore.These are simply microcellular rods that lost their rebound over time. LBS suggested I replace shock; very expensive fix for such cheap crap.
Ain't that aggrivating?Spoke Wrench
Aug 21, 2002 2:16 PM
Rock Shox doesn't stock spare parts for anything that's more than 3 years old. I think I'd just stick in some elastomeres from something else. What have you got to lose?
replace itspookyload
Aug 21, 2002 6:57 PM
Rock Shox doesn't support any product older than 3 years. It isn't worth their time to stock that many parts in their eyes since the forks change every year. If you go to you can find a 2002 Judy XC for $70. I just installed one for a friend who trashed his 97 Indy XC.
If it's a Q21R, I may have some aroundcory
Aug 22, 2002 7:23 AM
I went through the same thing a year or two ago--the shock is fine for what I do with it; I don't want to upgrade, but you can't get parts. But I'm a Clydesdale, so I replaced the stock elastomers with heavy duty ones when I bought it. I think the old ones are in a Baggie in the garage. E-mail me at, and if I can find 'em, you can have 'em.
Cambria is a good source for bike parts.Wheelz
Aug 22, 2002 10:44 AM

I am pretty sure you can run Englund cartridges in the Quadra as well. This is a great alternative, but also on the pricey side. You may want to repost this message on
JOC - You Should Read Thisjose_Tex_mex
Aug 25, 2002 7:08 PM
Okay, first of all I am not trying to be sarchastic. However, the Q21R's are antiques and should be retired. With that said, I had one not too long ago (2 years) and was able to find the bumpers at my LBS - very lucky.

The bumpers are not very high-tech. Have you taken the shock apart? Go ahead and do so - you'll probably have a good laugh when you see the bumpers turned to dust.

Grab the bumpers that are okay and try and figure out their length. Next head to the auto store and see if you can find some bushings to "finesse" in to place. Unless the rubber is too wide you really cannot screw this up.

The best idea is to buy a new shock. But no new shocks will accept the cantilever brakes you are probably using. To replace the shocks you might have to replace the brakes and then perhaps, the shifters/levers - whoooo boy.

Go to cambria bike and check out their atom bombers. I got one (2000? - all silver) there a while ago which came with a little doo hickey that allowed canti's or v brakes. It cost about $225 but when you see what the new forks can do you will be amazed. Yes, they are absolutely a QUANTUM leap over the Quads. Basically, what you are riding really isn't much of a suspension any more - it just gives you courage.

If you absolutely decide to breathe new life in to the shock I might still have a few older bumpers around. Let me know what color you need.

Best of luck.
Aug 26, 2002 1:38 PM
Most of the shocks sold DO accept the canti brakes that are being used. The standard for the old cantis is the same as for the newer style V brakes and hasn't changed much since the suspension fork was invented. There are some forks that are coming out now that are disc specific, but we're talking high-end and they cost more than some bikes.

You can score some killer deals on suspension forks, especially if you can bear to be seen riding last year's model and colors!! But hey, anyone riding a 21R doesn't have this hang up. ;-) The real difference is that you can get a shock that will elevate the front end of the bike and slack the headtube angle more than was orginally designed - not a huge problem and infact makes it just a tad slower on steering and not as easy to endo.

In any event a search in google for 21R elastomers should bring up some hits - hell I can still find rebuild kits for the original Mag 21's at my LBS!!!
Aug 27, 2002 1:17 PM
True most shox still come with the posts. However, the hanger is another thing. Rock Shox has not made anything that will accept a canti-hanger since the nineties.

I tried getting a shock that would accept canti's for my cousin's bike when we upgraded about six months ago. I searched through just about every fork out there and the only one I could find was an older Marzocchi from Cambria. Performance, Excel, Nashbar, Colorado, Jenson, and Supergo all told me the same thing - sorry, we don't do that anymore.

Really, it is that difficult. Just try buying a fork for canti's and see what happens.
Aug 28, 2002 8:06 AM
Why on earth would anyone use cantis when V brakes are so cheap, ubiqitous, reliable, and work better? I thought you were talking about simply having posts vs. not having posts. In any event there's a simple accessory "hanger" that mounts at the headset to act as the required cable stop if you really want to go the full canti route - just look in the QBP catalog. It's a non-issue. The Travel Agent makes it so that you don't even have to change your original levers. If you're running on a 21R and full canti brakes then you're really MTB'ing in the stone age. At some point it makes more sense to replace the entire bike instead of the components from a cost and weight standpoint.