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Can someone tell me what my frameset is?(3 posts)

Can someone tell me what my frameset is?JBF
Aug 21, 2002 11:25 AM
It is a GT Edge, 853 steel, 54 c-c, 55 top-tube. A photo of the built up bike is attached. It has Henry James dropouts and the original owner told me it was made in a custom frame shop in Colorado, I think he said Littleton.

I got it really cheap and spent a year buying new and used parts cheap on the web until it was finished. I love it. I rides great and weighs in at 17 1/4 lbs. as you see it here.

Does anyone know anything about this frameset? With GT gone, they are no help in figuring out what this is. I am interested in knowing who really manufactured the frame, the specs, and if it was concidered a road or crit bike at the time (it feels pretty quick turning to me, but I'm no pro).

All input, personal experiances, rumors, heresay, or leads to other sources will be appreciated.
Photo of frame built upJBF
Aug 21, 2002 11:29 AM
A few possibilitiesTJeanloz
Aug 21, 2002 12:30 PM
GT had its own 'research and design' shop in Longmont, Colorado for many years, where some of their best bikes were produced (the Edge ti for example). The 853 you have was probably built by Mark Nobilette, who built a number of custom GTs for GT sponsored riders, namely Team Saturn and the U.S. National Team. I believe he built almost all of the custom steel GTs.

Some of the builders who worked at GT have been taken on by Morgul Bismark to do their framebuilding. Nobilette continues to build his own frames as well as most Zinn project big bikes, and some other custom jobs.