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Dura Ace Chain(2 posts)

Dura Ace ChainKen
Aug 20, 2002 6:52 PM
I was wondering if anyone has used a Dura Ace 9 speed chain on their Campy 10 speed setup? The chain pitch is the same for both the C10 chain and the Dura Ace chain only the Dura Ace is 0.05mm wider. I currently use an SRAM Powerlink Gold chain connecter to connect my C10 chain. This connecter is 6.9mm wide and works without a hitch on my ride. I was thinking that since the Dura Ace chain is 6.6mm wide that it should work. Anyone have any thoughts or experiences on this?

Kenny Lee
I have extensive experience...TJeanloz
Aug 21, 2002 4:25 AM
When Campy 10 first came out, and the chains were a real concern (as well as expense), I did some extensive experimenting in the bike shop (it was the middle of winter- so it's not like I was ignoring customers in the name of science). My findings? Like all other Campy/Shimano compatibility questions: it depends.

Bikes that definitely will not work at all are those with short chainstays and close ratio cassette, say a Litespeed Ultimate with a 12/23. The same bike with a wide ratio, say an 11/26 will work poorly.

Bikes with long chainstays, say an Eddy Merckx, and a close ratio work relatively well, and with a wider ratio, work quite well.

So why does the chainstay length matter? What it changes is the deflection angle of the chain vis-a-vis the hub, and if this angle is more extreme, as is the case with short chainstays, the chain is likely to rub the front of an adjacent cog when it's deflected like this. If the cogs are very close in size, the chain may even lift up onto the adjacent cog- causing really poor shifting/riding. A longer chainstay mitigates this scenario.