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new racing wheelset(3 posts)

new racing wheelsetblatman
Aug 20, 2002 6:11 PM
hello, i am looking for a new race wheelset. i have been thinking about the ksyriums ssc sl, zipp 303s, 303 z3, and the dura ace wheelset. i weigh about 160 and im wondering what would be a good wheelset. i still havent decided on clincher vs. tubular yet but im leaning toward clincher. thanks
re: I just got the Zipp 303'smaxxx
Aug 21, 2002 11:18 AM
I just got the 303's recently and can tell you that they are an impressive wheelset. I'm comparing them to my previous commuting wheels - Mavic Cosmos. The Zipp's are:
- noticably lighter
- noticably stiffer, no slop during hard braking/hammering, and tight turns, no brake rub, and no squeeks/pings/ticks.
- noticibly smoother in a high frequency sence. Eats chip-seal roads very nicely, must be the carbon fibre doing its magic absorption thing.
- both hubs are very smooth and quiet.

Regarding performance:
- for maximum top-end speed (down a good long hill) they tend to feel slightly skitsh past 40-50 mph. I think my heavier Cosmos have the advantage here probable due to their extra weight. My bike is very light already.
- for average speed on rolling roads (the reason for the purchase) they are extremely well mannered and comfortable. They allowed me to be always one to two gears up with 3 or more mphs uplift on the whole.
- it sounds stupid but the Zipp's really are stiff yet comfortable which is usually an oxymoron.

I've heard good things about the others too - Mavic quality is also excellent. My Zipp's are clinchers as I think tubulars are a pain in the neck.
re: new racing wheelsetphillipe
Aug 24, 2002 10:01 PM
Go with tubulars for racing, as one can run very high psi with more comfort than clinchers. The zipps look really cool but any practical aero advantage may be nageted by crosswinds. Good luck!