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Anyone have feedback on Eddy Merchx Majestic?(2 posts)

Anyone have feedback on Eddy Merchx Majestic?bigdeal
Aug 17, 2002 1:55 PM
I'm thinking of picking one up from gvh, but have heard nothing other than it being flexy? Any validity to this? I'm looking for something that's comfy after a century (hence not c'dale), will last forever (hence no ti/carb, alu/carb). Thanks!
re: Anyone have feedback on Eddy Merchx Majestic?Ray Sachs
Aug 19, 2002 10:14 AM
I have a Merckx ti AX, which is the same model (mine's a '98, they renamed them in 2000 or so). I'm a 165 pound non-sprinter, so probably not the best source of info on frame flex, but it feels pretty solid to me. No derailure rub on out of saddle sprint climbs. Merckx calls his geometry "century geometry" because it's designed to be more stable than a really twitchy crit bike and it is. It's a very comfortable and relaxing ride for a race bike, but I think it all comes down to fit, weight distribution on the frame, and the type of feel you like.

I like the merckx (like my Rivendell more - if the Merckx has "century" geometry, the Riv must have "double century" geometry), but no telling how anyone else will feel about it.