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Time Impact with Carnac(2 posts)

Time Impact with CarnacEric_H
Aug 17, 2002 1:43 PM
I am a long-time user of Time Equipe pedals and I'm currently using Carnac shoes. I am considering the switch to the new Time Impacts. Is anyone using these with Carnac shoes? Using the Time adapter or the Look adapter? Experiences? Problems?

Carnac's work fineboneman
Aug 18, 2002 1:02 PM
Long time user of both Equipe and Carnac Lemond (now Legend) shoes, 9 seasons worth. Now on Impacts but continuing to use the Time UCS insert. If you use the Look insert, you must use an adapter plate. While it's quite thin at 1-2mm, it is another layer. No need when using the Time insert.

Experiences- All good and the cleat is actually easy to walk/stand on. Light, easy ingress/egress, large platform.

Problems- None yet. The tension allen screw, it's adjustable, is in a highly vulnerable place on the outside edge of the pedal. Exactly where I've ground up a few Equipes in accidents. We shall see. Other than that, no worries.