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merckx frame/fork questions(8 posts)

merckx frame/fork questionstarwheel
Aug 15, 2002 11:16 AM
The retro board seems to have been taken over by the fixie/SS crowd, so I am posting these questions here as well:

I may have finally located the elusive 56 cm Merckx steel frame I've been searching for. It's a 1996 Corsa NOS frame that's never been built, but for some reason the fork has been used. I think I can buy the frame separately or with the fork. I've received good photos of the frame and it looks brand new, but didn't receive shots of the fork. Owner says the fork is "lightly used." Couple of questions:
-- Should I buy the fork as well, or just buy a new carbon fork? If so, how much rake do Merckx steel frames have in this size? (eg, 40, 43 or 45 mm)
-- What's a fair price for the frame and fork? The seller is asking $500, which seems high to me based on what I've seen for sale on eBay over many months. Most Merckx frames w/forks seem to sell for $300-400, and often include headsets and BBs, stems for that price.
re: merckx frame/fork questionsNessism
Aug 15, 2002 7:02 PM

Corsa, Corsa Extra geometery:

Seat tube c-c = 56 cm
Top tube c-c = 56 cm
Setback = 15.5 cm
Seat angle = 74.0 deg
Fork rake = 5.2 cm
Front center = 60.3 cm

The Century geometery frames have slacker seat tubes angles (72.87 deg on a 56 cm frame)

$500 doesn't sound too bad if the frame is truely new. If it were me I would get the fork also. It will steer a little quick but shouldn't be too bad.

BTW, what tubeset does the Corsa use? SL?

Good luck.
more infotarwheel
Aug 16, 2002 4:06 AM
The frame, from the photos, appears to be brand new and still has a tag attached to it. It's a bright yellow/orange color with full Eddy Merckx decals that look like new. The owner says the frame has standard Century geometry with 72.5 seat tube angle, 4.5 cm fork rake, 56x56 seat/top tubes (c-c). The tubes are Dedaccai Zero Uno (0.1) multi-shaped lugged (investment cast)steel. The fork is chrome and was used on another 56cm Zero/Uno frame that now has a carbon fork. The chain and seat stays are both chromed. Internal cable routing on the top tube, with cable guides on the head tube.

The owner gave me this link for details:
That's a Corsa 0.1Nessism
Aug 16, 2002 5:22 AM
Ah, you are chasing a Corsa 0.1 which is quite different from the origional Corsa. The geometery numbers I quoted are not valid then.

The 0.1 stands for Dedacciai ZeroUno tubing. The tubes are what's known as "Oversize" but they are not really all that big. In my opinion, this is one of the best tubesets going. Medium stiff but with pretty good ride characteristics.

I say go for it! Great frame! And get the fork also if it's in good condition. The ride quality will be pretty good with the steel fork and it will match the rest of the frame. Just make sure the fork has not been cut too short.

Good luck.

As usual, thanks for the infotarwheel
Aug 16, 2002 5:46 AM
My only concern at this point is the fork. If it's not a Merckx, I will probably pass unless the seller drops the price. I'm also concerned about buying another fork that would match the handling characteristics of the frame. I've talked to another Merckx owner who bought a new carbon fork and ended up removing it because it messed up the handling. The paint job looks really nice in the photos -- very bright and loud, which I like. My Gios is blue and I want something that looks different. This Merckx definitely fits the bill -- golden yellow with orange decals and airbrush highlights.
corsa 0.1merckx56
Aug 16, 2002 1:43 PM
I have the very frame you are talking about. it is a wonderful base to build a bike around. i've had mine for about 6 years and still ride it to this day. i did, however, change the fork. i put a profile BSC on it a few years ago and don't regret doing it. it's just as stable as the steel for and a bit stiffer.
as an aside, i've built, ridden and sol four bikes in the time i've had the merckx and have always gone back to it!
granted, it isn't light! a bit under 20 with dura-ace, but it rides supremely. there aren't rough roads on this bike!
i got mine repainted but it still rides the same!
a few questions ...tarwheel
Aug 19, 2002 4:38 AM
It looks like your frame is about the same size as the one I'm looking at, which is 56 cm c-c, seat and top tubes. If yours is the same size, would you mind measuring the head tube length for me? How did your original paint job hold up? I'm assuming, since you had it repainted, it may not have held up too well. Is that a bad assumption? The used Merckx frames I have seen seem to have a lot of chips in their paint, which may be just due to the owners lack of care, but I was wondering if the factory paint isn't that good. As far as the fork goes, I am more interested in comfort and handling than stiffness.

BTW, I really love your Merckx the way you have it painted and set up. If I had to repaint one, I would be tempted to use that color scheme. The one I am looking at is new-old-stock, so its paint is like new. It's a bright golden yellow with orange/brown decals and air-brushed highlights.
Aug 16, 2002 5:32 AM
The seat angle is listed as 72 degrees and 52 minutes. This translates to 72.87 degrees. The .87 degrees comes from dividing 52 by 60. Enjoy.