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Recommendations for road bars(8 posts)

Recommendations for road barstmac13
Aug 15, 2002 10:06 AM
Need to buy wider road bars. These will go on a Litespeed Tuscany. I ride about 500-600 miles a month. Willing to spend up to $100. Thoughts?
I think that you're on the right track.Spoke Wrench
Aug 15, 2002 10:38 AM
I think that most any handlebar that fits right is going to feel tons better than the one you're using now. Bars that are too narrow suck!

I recently bought a Kestrel bar mostly based on the recommendations of others on this board. I like it fine, but I don't usually recommend specific products because I don't ride all that many miles, I'm easy on equipment and I'm meticulous about maintenance. Almost anything works for me.
re: Recommendations for road barstarwheel
Aug 15, 2002 11:20 AM
I never thought a handlebar could make much difference until I got a Ritchey WCS. I like the ergo shape because it's shallower drop than many bars and I can ride in the drops much more comfortably and for longer periods. I also can easily reach the Campy thumb shifters. I went from a 40 cm to 44 cm bar and I'm much more comfortable with the wider bar. The WCS bar is light and reasonably priced.
re: Recommendations for road barsBenR
Aug 15, 2002 11:21 AM
As always, the fuzzy answer: depends on your needs. Since you have a titanium frame, road buzz probably isn't a big issue. I used 46 cm 3T prima 199 bars for a while - they had shallow reach which I needed at the time and eliminated lots of buzz. They were strong for their weight class but too flexy for my taste. I would be happy with them for non-competitive riding. The Deda 215 is probably the best deal out there. It's light, a little deeper reach than the 3 T bars, substancially stiffer than the prima 199 and about $10 cheaper (I think). I've heard that Deda Newton is a good stiff bar and at the top end of your price range. Might also consider the oversize version of Deda Magic bars, which I don't have experience with. I don't know much about ITM or Ritchey. If Ritchey's bars are as well made as their stems, I would buy the WCS model for $90 in a heartbeat.

I am currently using 44 c-c Easton carbon bars. They are light and do dampen the vibrations, but they aren't as stiff as they are cracked out to be (they're still much stiffer than prima 199). They aren't worth $160, but I would happily purchase a slightly used pair for $90-100. I've heard Kestral's are stiffer and about 215 grams, have no idea about price.

Fit is more important than other characteristics, as you know. If you find a $30 pair of 260 gram Icon bars that fit like a dream and don't care about snob appeal, buy them.
In addition...BenR
Aug 15, 2002 3:56 PM
the Deda & 3T bars have dual cable routing and shape works well with Campy shifters. But on the Easton bars you won't be able to reach your Campy levers from the drops if you like the hoods positioned anything higher than perfectly lever. There also aren't any cable grooves which can be pain (literally) if running Campy.
re: Recommendations for road barsAxle1
Aug 15, 2002 7:40 PM
I have the 3t prima 199 and it is extremely light and not flexy at all and I am about 195lbs. thanks
were these off your Lightspeed ;o) (nm)Iwannapodiumgirl
Aug 15, 2002 8:20 PM
For what it's worthNessism
Aug 16, 2002 11:24 AM
I've been riding on Deda 215's for about two seasons now and have noticed quite a bit flex in them. Very noticable when riding over rough pavement. No loss of control mind you but be aware that they are not stiff by any means. Don't forget, when metal is taken away, flex comes in. I'm going to try the Deda Magic next time to try to stiffen things up some.