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YO! lonefrontranger...(4 posts)

YO! lonefrontranger...seyboro
Aug 14, 2002 5:18 PM
...and all others, of course. Do I correctly understand that you run your record 10 speed stuff with a conversion cassette on a shimano 9 speed wheel? If so, please let me know anything you find worth mentioning about your experience. I am thinking of going the Campagnolo route, but am heavily investeted in shimano-compatible wheelsets, 5 to be exact.
Smooth shifting? Noise? Durability? Price? Will they work on King hubs ( one brand I have seen, don't ask me which, specifically mentions not to install them on Kings)? Which one do you like best overall? Thanks much in advance...
here's the link:lonefrontranger
Aug 15, 2002 9:06 AM

Excel Sports has them for significantly less than the SRPs listed on the site. It occurs to me that SRP has actually decreased quite a bit since the site was updated. I use the "ultegra" level for most things; spent the extra cash for a 12-23 crit racing set at the "DA" (ti/steel) level to go on my Zipps.

Wheels has been remanufacturing 10-speed cassettes onto Shimano carriers since 2000. If you have Shimano 8/9-speed compatible cassette bodies, all you have to do is slip the Wheels 10 right on. There may be a minor amount of fiddling with shims (several come with the Wheels cassettes), to make sure the lockring goes on without any "play" in the cassette. Other than that, they work magnificently. The Shimano cassette bodies have a much quieter ratchet than Campy, and shifting smoothness is no different IMO. It actually may be better, because Shimano still carries the higher level of ramp/lifter technology on their cogs, which are the ones used on the Wheels (the actual cog width of Shimano 9 / Campy 10 is the same).

Due to the tighter spacing "on center" of the 10-speed cogs, you MUST use a 10-speed chain for effective shifting.

Basically all Wheels does is tear apart a Shimano cassette, and adds new spacers that use the Campy tolerance to bring the spacing / quantity up to 10-speed spec. You could actually do the same thing yourself, assuming you had the Campy cassette spacers and a riveting punch.

As far as King; I have no idea why the Wheels would not work if it's a standard Shimano 8/9 cassette carrier.

Now the *Mavic* M-10 cassettes, on the other hand, do NOT work on any but Mavic wheelsets, due to a variance on the length of their cog carrier. They suck anyway because the overall spacing is off from the Campy spec by something like 1mm, which means you'll either shift OK in the middle and bad on both ends, or vice versa. Also, they don't have the patents to use the "shaped" (ramped) Shimano style cogs. I had an M-10 cassette, and finally got rid of it becaue it doesn't shift worth crap.
Thanks much...seyboro
Aug 15, 2002 1:13 PM have been most helpful. As for the King hubs, I might have to call the man himself, as the Wheels website confirms non-compatibility. Hopefully, it's just some warranty/patent/copyright thingie. I'd love to keep the CKs. Thanks again!!
American Classic Freehubsskip work to ride
Aug 15, 2002 6:55 PM
Anyone know if American Classic's Shimano to Campy sets work as good as the Wheels?