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Dura Ace Shifters(down-Tube) compatibility(1 post)

Dura Ace Shifters(down-Tube) compatibilitytrout_bum
Aug 14, 2002 2:06 PM
I just purchased a set of Dura Ace 9 spd downtube shifters on sale and plan to use with Ultegra 9spd derailleurs on my new frame. Is this combination compatible?

I see no reason that they wouldn't be, however the instructions say "this shifting lever cannot be used with any rear derailleur other than the Dura Ace". Is this just Shimano mktg B/S so I buy the more expensive D/A parts? Or is it true-i.e. like XT/XTR incompatibility?

PS-I went downtube because I can't afford D/A STI (yet), and I already had some Ultegra stuff ruling out Chorus, and I wanted to stay away from Ultegra/105 STI junk.