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two questions - one on 8/9 speed and one on chain/cassette(2 posts)

two questions - one on 8/9 speed and one on chain/cassettemaximum15
Aug 14, 2002 8:40 AM
(1) Picked up an old Mavic MA40 / Shimano 600 wheelset. Put a 9 speed cassette on the rear and put it on my bike (Trek 2300). Brake pad rubbing on one side so I looked at the location of the wheel with respect to chain stays and wheel was offset left like the wheel wasn't dished enough. Question -- I thought 8 speed stuff was compatible with 9 speed stuff. What am I missing here?
(2) Took the cassette off and put it on my current wheelset. On this morning's commute, I had a continous click, click sound. I am guessing this is from using a new cassette with a chain that has about 2K miles. Is this the typical sound you would get from worn chain new cassette combo. (No, the chain did not try to jump gears).
re: two questions - one on 8/9 speed and one on chain/cassetteSpoke Wrench
Aug 14, 2002 10:37 AM
1. Used parts sometimes have histories that the owners don't share. My guess is this wheel started its life as a seven speed. When the freehub body was upgraded to an 8/9, whoever did the work didn't take the time to redish the wheel.

2. Sounds to me like your derailleur needs a little barrel adjustment to work with that wheel and cassette.