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Interesting spoke failure on my Neutron wheel(4 posts)

Interesting spoke failure on my Neutron wheelJohnG
Aug 14, 2002 7:32 AM
Drive side spoke broke about 2" from the rim. This is part of the blade section of the spoke. The transition to the round section was over an inch away from the break point. Wheels have about 7K miles on them (got them in January). The wheel was at least useable ........ got me home without popping open the brakes.

I'm 150# and occasionally do hard sprints on steepish hills. ??? Not sure if that's an issue. Also, I ride on the beach a lot and get a fair amount of salt on the bike. ??? Run 135# in the rear tire.

I'll try to post a microscope pic of the fracture point.

Haven't heard back from Trialtir yet, re service or replacement spokes. I'll also post how they respond to this issue.

Other than this failure I've been VERY happy with these wheels. Hmmmmmmmmm ..... :(

Defective or damaged spokeKerry
Aug 14, 2002 5:00 PM
You either got a spoke that had a grain fracture or your spoke got seriously nicked. Breakage at this point is extremely unusual, and you'll likely never see it again. If you do, you should get the wheel rebuilt with all new spokes under warranty, because that would mean you have a group of defective spokes.
re: Interesting spoke failure on my Neutron wheelflybyvine
Aug 14, 2002 7:50 PM
Definte dud spoke. I had a similar problem with a Nucleon last year. The spoke broke whilst my bike was sitting in my office. There was so much spoke tension in those guys that the wheel was an inch out of round & out of true - thought that the rim was toast (I wish that the LBS would build wheel slike that !!).

The LBS replaced the spoke with no problems but tell me that the distributor denied any warranty liability & left the LBS with the bill.
re: Interesting spoke failure on my Neutron wheelJohnG
Aug 15, 2002 9:18 AM
My wheel was only knocked out of true by maybe 5mm. Not even enough that I had to pop my brakes "open".

Yeah, I don't really expect ANY help from Trialtir. They don't have a rep for being very helpful.

I'm leaning toward the "defective" or "damaged" explanation. I had a minor "run in" with a rock wall that actually damaged the rear der and chipped some paint from the chainstay. Maybe I scuffed up one of the spokes at the same time. ???? I should have inspected the wheel better. I will probably be able to see "damage" once I pull the spoke and get it under a high power microscope. I'll try to post pics of the spoke fracture tomorrow (Friday).