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look pedal creaking(13 posts)

look pedal creakingjradford
Aug 12, 2002 11:41 AM
Driving me nuts.

My pedals I think there 247's started creaking last week and I can only get it to stop for a short period of time.
re: look pedal creakinglegs
Aug 12, 2002 12:17 PM
and your point is..?
(this is just part of using looks...)

everybody has different tricks to remedy.. from soap to silicon on the cleat... it will become a monthly/weekly ritual..

made in france for your enjoyment.
re: look pedal creakingDaveG
Aug 12, 2002 4:29 PM
I've gone whole seasons without a creak from my Looks. Then , other years, the creaks are persistent. There are several remedies. Mine is a spritz of Armor All to both cleat and pedal. Be careful the first time you walk on a smooth surface after doing this!
Do you have SIDIS'sBobha8
Aug 12, 2002 4:40 PM
they sometime creak between the shoe and the adapter, if so put a little lube between them.
Do you have SIDIS'snoupi
Aug 12, 2002 5:59 PM
I have the same problem with my sidi's
I will lube them,
Thanks Bobha8 :-)
Do you have SIDIS'sShultzman
Aug 13, 2002 7:36 AM
What kind of lube do you use between the Sidi sole recessed area and the Look adapter plate to stop the squeaking? I spray ArmorAll on my cleats occasionally to stop the squeak, but I still get a flexing squeak between the sole and adapter.
Do you have SIDIS'sBobha8
Aug 15, 2002 3:23 AM
Just chain lube
247s heremadstork
Aug 13, 2002 6:31 AM
I have used LOOKs since 1987, but only when I got the 247s did I get the dreaded creak. After trying everything mentioned by the other posters, and still with no solution, I picked up the following wisdom from one of the cycling forums around. Started following this and have been 99% creak free since. Recently did a century that started in pouring rain and finished in sunshine. I used to dread that situation, as it brought out the worst creaks. But this time, no creaks!

I put nothing on the cleats or pedals. In fact, I keep the pedals and cleats as clean as possible. No grease, no silicone, nothing. When I first started this habit, I cleaned the pedals with a degreaser to remove all of the products I had tried previously - Armor All, silicone, soap, Finish Line dry lube, etc.

After the initial cleaning and subsequent rides, when the contact points on the pedal surface become blackened, lightly sand that off until the surface is shiny. Don't forget the front of the pedal where the tongue on the cleat fits. Kind of hard to sand that area, but at least keep it clean by wiping with a rag.

On the cleats, sand off the shiny black patches on the bottom and on the tongue that fits into the front of the pedal. I use an emery board or some fine sandpaper. I sand down any knicks or gouges that are caused by walking. Wipe off any dirt. In other words, I try to get the cleat to a smooth, like new condition.

I sand the cleats after every ride (1-2 minutes) and the pedals after every 3-5 rides (5 minutes). Naturally, when the bike needs washing, I wash the pedals too. The time is worth it to me - I like the LOOK system enough to spend the time to get a creak free ride.

I first tried this method in combination with switching to black cleats as I thought the pivoting red cleats may be part of the problem. But even after switching back to red cleats 2 months ago, I have had no creaks. I notice that the red cleats get those shiny black patches faster than the black ones - makes sense, as they move on the pedal constantly.

IIRC, the author of this tip thought that adding any lubricant attracted dirt, which he thought was the source of the creak. Plus, sanding the cleats and pedals returns them to an almost new condition. I remember one of my old solutions was to get new cleats, but the creak always returned. I was skeptical of this new method, especially about using no lubricants, but it has worked for me for over a year.

Sorry for the long reply, but this was one of my biggest grievances with my bike before I changed to the method above. Good luck, I hope one of the remedies works for you.
247s herefiltersweep
Aug 13, 2002 4:15 PM
How does that affect the lifespan of the parts?
247s heremadstork
Aug 14, 2002 6:28 AM
I'm sure it takes some life off the cleats, but not much, as I sand these only to remove the shiny patches and smooth out any knicks and gouges. I can't tell you how many miles I get out of LOOK cleats, besides, it seems to vary more with the amount I walk around on them vs. how much I ride. I should get the Kool covers and solve that issue.

Like with the cleats, I only sand the pedals to remove those black deposits. I think the effect is small, but I can't prove it.
re: look pedal creakingtarwheel
Aug 13, 2002 10:29 AM
I've got the same pedals. Here are some remedies, some more effective than others:
-- Wear cleat covers like Kool Kaps when walking around. Your cleats will also last a lot longer.
-- Keep cleats and pedals clean and dry.
-- Lubricate contact points on the cleats. I use a lithium grease stick available at Ace Hardware. Others swear by ArmorAll but it didn't work for me.
-- Sand the contact points on the cleat, where the red plastic turns greyish from rubbing the pedal. This works better than any other remedy I have tried.
-- Replace cleats when worn. Some people claim that the black cleats don't squeak but I haven't tried them.
-- The Look 206 pedals are made with a composite (rather than metal) body and supposedly don't squeak, but I haven't tried them myself.
re: look pedal creakingpaul3d
Aug 14, 2002 2:34 AM
I agree with the keep them clean approach. Use some citrus cleaner and wipe the pedal and cleats down good and your problems will go away. Grease and such is just a band-aid and eventually adds to the problem.
Look 206 recommendationgs6769
Aug 14, 2002 9:25 AM
As another post here mentioned, the 206 model has a composite rather than an aluminum housing. I've used them for 6000+ miles without a squeak. They're also lighter and cheaper than the metal Look models. By way of comparison, I bought a set of 247 this past spring when I got a new bike, used them for 500 or so creaky miles, then finally swapped my trusty 206s from the old bike and have been squeak free since.