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Anyone know the actual inside dia. of a 1" headtube?(4 posts)

Anyone know the actual inside dia. of a 1" headtube?chewbacca
Aug 12, 2002 10:18 AM
What I'm talking about is the actual measurement of the outside diameter of a 1" headset cup...the part where it presses in, or the inside diameter of a 1" headtube.

I've got a funky frame and not sure what fits in it.


30.2mm- older bicycles could be on a different standard (nm)TJeanloz
Aug 12, 2002 10:25 AM
Tjeanloz is correct, of course, however...Spoke Wrench
Aug 12, 2002 11:11 AM
if, as you say, you have a funky frame, it could be 30.0mm. That's the JIS standard that generally fits lower end bikes. Cheaper bikes are made with cheaper steel so they use thicker wall tubes to get the necessary strength.
Thanks guys (nm)chewbacca
Aug 12, 2002 11:53 AM