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Are all 1 1/8" carbon fork (non)star nuts for threadless HS(1 post)

Are all 1 1/8" carbon fork (non)star nuts for threadless HSbill
Aug 12, 2002 6:34 AM
created equal? I stripped out the hex wrench insertion point of the top cap (I can work with it for awhile -- how often do you need to mess with it? -- but not forever). I guess I just would like to pull out the old one, get another one, and try not to strip it. I see that there are several different systems and that the caps are clearly not interchangeable, but the devices look equivalent.
I have a Mizuno fork.
I actually have an extra expander nut or expander bolt or whatever they're called that was floating around in a box that a Reynolds Ouzo Pro came in; I didn't see it among the peanuts until I after I had called CC to send me another one for the Ouzo Pro, which they promptly sent me. What makes the whole thing even more confusing is that the one they sent me for the Pro was different from the one that was in the box.
Can I use the one that I have?