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Rolf Vector Pro vs Mavic Cosmic Elite(6 posts)

Rolf Vector Pro vs Mavic Cosmic EliteLAT
Aug 11, 2002 5:10 PM
I posted this earlier on the Bicycling "Buying Forum", but no one seems to want to give an answer so I am trying it here:
I am in the process of finalizing the build up of a road bike. If you have a choice between the Vector Pro and the Cosmic Elite (assuming no price difference), which would you choose? What are the pros and cons to each? Which would be better? I am not planning on racing (yet), but I will be doing rides up to 50 miles this year and maybe a century if I can catch up on my training.
re: Rolf Vector Pro vs Mavic Cosmic EliteTommyRides
Aug 12, 2002 5:18 AM
Can't speak for the Rolf's, and can't speak MUCH for the Mavic's Cosmic Elites, but I just bought my first road bike with the Cosmic's on it and so far (100 miles), so good.

The ride seems very smooth, they seem strong, the only thing I can see as a negative is the weight, but I'm not to a point of counting grams as I imagine neither are you.

Sorry couldn't be of more help, but I know what it's like to put up a posting and not get a reply.

Check out the review section and see what you can find there.

Good luck!
re: One more thing...TommyRides
Aug 12, 2002 5:19 AM
Don't know if there are pros/ cons to bladed spokes..but the Cosmic's look VERY cool in my opinion!
re: Rolf Vector Pro vs Mavic Cosmic Elitefiltersweep
Aug 12, 2002 5:44 AM
Rolf? I'm guessing your shop is trying to rid themselves of Rolf inventory. I don't think they have manufactured anything in the past year. There are rumors about the resurrection of Rolf, but that is about it. A shop will tell you that they were $600 wheels (or whatever), but very few people actually paid money to upgrade to Rolfs (most have them because they came stock on the Trek family for bikes). My opinion is that the only thing the Pros have going for them is weight, and there are stiffer wheelsets out there at the same weight.

I had the Vector Comps that came stock on a bike, and while they are heavier, they had a very loose feel to them. The Pros are lighter with even fewer spokes... you do the math. I'm sure the Pros have a better hub than the comps as well.

I don't know how you are building your bike. I'm building one now through my LBS, and am simply bringing my own wheels. If you are luke warm for both the Cosmics and the Rolfs, you might want to negotiate and find a no compromises wheelset. If you upgrade later, while it is nice to have an extra wheelset, I haven't touched my Rolfs since I upgraded. They will simply go back on the bike when I sell it.
re: Rolf Vector Pro vs Mavic Cosmic EliteDINOSAUR
Aug 12, 2002 8:32 AM
I'd pass on the Rolf's. As the previous poster mentioned they must be n.o.s wheels they have laying around. Rolf doesn't manufacturer these wheels anymore since they parted company with Trek. When it comes time to replace the rims you will be up the creek (been there, done that)....
I can back the elitesEager Beagle
Aug 12, 2002 8:50 AM
I have been on these for almost 2 years - they are strong, aero, and ride nicely - I'm 210 and only had to have the rear trued when some dozey woman drove into me. I have K's on another bike - the bearings are the same, the weight's almost the same, and I think for rolling terrain rides, the Cosmics may be a little quicker (may be psychological of course). In short - I think they are a great riding, great value wheelset.

I have only ridden Rolfs around the block on a test ride, but I doubt if they are as strong as the Mavics.