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How to lace 32h hubs on a 28h rim ?(6 posts)

How to lace 32h hubs on a 28h rim ?PeterRider
Aug 11, 2002 4:54 PM
Just ordered some velocity aerohead rims at Nashbar, 20$ looked attractive.
Since 32h hubs are much easier to find in places like ebay and other classifieds, how can I lace a 32h hub with a 28h rim ? I read that Dave does that... any pictures of the scheme to use ? This would be highly appreciated.

This would be for a rear wheel, I guess I have to put 16spokes on the drive side and 12 on the non-drive.


Is this a serious question? nmSpoke Wrench
Aug 11, 2002 6:38 PM
re: How to lace 32h hubs on a 28h rim ?mja
Aug 12, 2002 4:03 AM
I once laced a 40-hole hub to a 36-hole rim 3-cross on a touring bike. The hard part was calculating the required spoke lengths. I ended up working out the length of each spoke individually, and the range of lengths was 10 mm on the drive side. Good luck!
Interesting project, but:Spoke Wrench
Aug 12, 2002 5:00 AM
1. Why? I suppose it's because the mountain was there to climb.
2. So how'd it come out? Do you still ride that wheel today?
can't really be done properlyoff roadie
Aug 12, 2002 7:52 AM
I'm all in favor of wacky lacings, but there's simply no way to symetyrically arrange 14 spokes on both sides to line up with 14 equally distributed nipples in the rim and 14 of 16 equally distributed holes in a hub. One side will either have extra leading or trailing spokes. Same goes for a 36 or 48 hole hub. I've tried is many ways in a CAD program, and it just never works in a way I figure would give good tension distribution among the spokes.

I'm sure there's some math that could prove this; the basic problem is that if one side lines up so there's the "symetric" (pairs of equal length leading and trailing, no matter how distributed), the other side is going to have what I call a "fork" where a hub hole lines up equally spaced between two rim holes- and there will be two such spots on opposite sides of the rim. This makes it impossible to do a "balaced" lacing.

Your idea of more spokes on one side than the other is intersting, but nipple holes are drilled at an angle, even in the aerohead. The nipples wont sit right and thre bend in the spoke will be very pronopunced, unless maybe you take a thin file or drillbit and ajust the shape of the nipple hole a bit. Also, it would be hard to get an even distibution of 12 spokes in 28 holes, so you left side is going to be rather unstable.

Overall, it sounds like a dang lot more work (for quationable results at best) than paying for a 28 hole hub, or waiting till you come across a used one. With relatively few anchor points to pick from, you can't even get close to equal angles, so spoke tensions would be quite uneven. This is extra-bad for a rear wheel. Uneven tension isn't going to mix well with a highly dished rear to begin with- low tension on the left, high on right limits your wiggle room. Then toss in torque and most of the riders weight, on only 28 (questionable) spokes- ug.

Its not hard to find affordable 28 hole front hubs- sometimes very nice ones go very cheap on closeout, brand new. I picked up a 28 hole XTR hub for $25 last winter. Build yourself I nice lightweight 28 spoke front wheel with a 28 hole hub, and you'll be very happy with your excellent bargin rim. Built a crappy rear, and you've wasted the $20, a nice rim, and a lot of time and skullsweat.
ok thx for the advicePeterRider
Aug 12, 2002 9:27 AM