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Problem with Phil Wood Bottom Bracket Creaking(3 posts)

Problem with Phil Wood Bottom Bracket Creakingtexsun
Aug 11, 2002 12:01 PM

Just purchased a Phil Wood bottom bracket (it's sweet), but I can't stop the darn thing from creaking when I'm out of the saddle.

I followed the installation instructions....degreased the bottom bracket shell on bike and used the included thread lock. I even added thread lock to the inside of the mounting rings where they meet the bottom bracket shell (I've learned this trick with Shimano bottom brackets).

re: Problem with Phil Wood Bottom Bracket Creakingcurlybike
Aug 11, 2002 12:52 PM
Try wrapping the rings threads with the pink teflon tape, it is thicker and holds up longer. Be careful when you tighten the rings. The tape makes the threads slick and increases the chance of stripping the bb threads, especially in aluminum. The tape helps mute the sound of the rings squirming in the frame. Those rings have less threads than many of the other brands of bbs. I have stripped the threads out of a bb shell this way, so I am not kidding. I was using a torque wrench and got almost to the listed torque when the threads pulled out of the Al. frame. It now has a Mavic BB.
Torque setting?Kerry
Aug 11, 2002 12:52 PM
The most common cause of BB creaking (assuming it is that) is due to insufficient torque on installation. There is a significant amount of force required on installing modern BBs, and that force is typically higher than you might feel is "right" when doing it by hand. Without a torque wrench and the right specification, many BBs go to "creak mode" within a short time of installation. Of course it could also be your cranks, chainrings, seat post, hubs, head set/bars/stem, hubs, QR skewers, spokes, rims, etc.