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OCR Elite 0 vs 1(6 posts)

OCR Elite 0 vs 1nealrab
Aug 10, 2002 5:58 PM
Comparing componentry on these models, would like input from riders. Specifically, Campy Centaur 30-spd vs DA 27 spd groups (weight not a factor for me really, shift quality is); Proton wheelset vs Mavic Ksyrium SSC-SL; ride comfort, shifting consistency, component durability are considerations. Any advice/input from owners/riders of each? Thnx in advance!
re: OCR Elite 0 vs 1JoeKlein
Aug 11, 2002 10:38 PM
The Campy Centaur parts used on the Elite 1 are actually 9spd, not 10. The 10spd parts worked so poorly Giant chose to change over to a 9spd version. At this level the Shimano components stand well ahead of the Camp components in terms of both shifting quality, reliabilty, and durability. Any shop will have parts on hand to fix the Elite 0 in a pinch, the same cannot be said for the Elite 1.
As for wheels, I have honestly not been able to tell a difference in ride quality between the Kysriums and Protons. My preference lies with the Kysriums. They are not the lightest, nor the most aerodynamic wheels available, however they are absolutely bombproof. It sounds like you are looking for reliabilty and durabilty, and this is what you get with the Mavic wheelset.

This is a great time of year to get a really good deal on an Elite 0. I'm a Giant dealer and have been able to get this model at a reduced price lately and consequently have been discounting it heavily to my customers. If you're in the Northern CA area let me know and I can get a closeout one for you if you're interested.
re: OCR Elite 0 vs 1/To Joe Knealrab
Aug 12, 2002 7:18 AM
Appreciate your info; very helpful, just got an OCR 2 for training which is good for me, but also looking toward next season for OCR Elite. I'm in Montana, so can't get to you too easily, what's the deal on an OCR Elite 0? Maybe you can also tell me if there's any difference at all between OCR Elite 1 and TCR 1 in geometry (I see none in specs). Also if no major differences in geometry, frame, etc. maybe I should go back to looking at TCR 1 (double, with Ultegra) instead of OCR Elite (1 or 0) with triple?? What do you think? Thx Joe (Neal)
re: OCR Elite 0 vs 1/To Joe KJoeKlein
Aug 12, 2002 8:59 PM
There are substantial differences between the OCR Elite and TCR frames. The OCR Elite has longer chainstays to allow for use of the triple crankset. This additionally gives the bike more lateral compliance in the rear. The frame and fork are spread wider than the TCR to allow for use of wider tires. Most importantly, the head tube height on the OCR Elite is substantially taller than the TCR. The TCR is VERY low in the front end. When a rider is fit to the appropriate size frame, post, stem, etc., on a TCR, the bars are always at least a couple of cm's below the seat height. This is a very typical position for performance oriented riders/racers. HOWEVER, many riders are more casual and prefer to sacrifice short term performance for long term comfort, and one major way to do this is by having the bars at ~ the same height as the seat. Because this is virtually impossible on an appropiatley sized TCR, it relegates the TCR to the realm of performance enthusiasts.
With the OCR Elite series, you get almost all the performance of the TCR series, however the geometry is changed just enough to yield a more compliant ride and comfortable position for many riders. Based on this, I would highly advise you to look at the OCR Elite series over the TCR series.
Given you'll be waiting till next season, there are some changes you should know about for 2003. The OCR Elite series has been renamed the TCR Elite series because the resemble the high performance TCR's more than the recreational OCR's. Frame geometry is kept the same, however the TCR Elite's do have carbon fiber seat and chainstays, which will help absorb even more vibration. The TCR Elite 1 will be Ultegra equipped and the TCR Elite 0 remains Dura Ace equipped. Other than that, the premise of the bikes remians largely unchanged.
new OCR Elite Qsweiwentg
Aug 13, 2002 3:52 AM
just curious, but
1) what's the MSRP on the TCR Elites?
2) are there any changes to the regular TCR series?
3) what the heck do OCR and TCR stand for, anyway??
OCR Elite 0 vs 1/Great reply/To Joe K/Thx NRnealrab
Aug 13, 2002 6:07 PM
Joe K,
That answer was just fabulous. Finally a Giant guy that will explain stuff!! Most helpful, that's what I needed.
I thought the Elite line would be great for me, now I'm convinced. I wanted (in a perfect world) an Ultegra triple on the OCR Elite frame (not Campy), and I don't need the lightweight DuraAce componentry. Ultegra would be more durable for me and serve my purposes precisely. So I'm happy to hear of changes for '03 for the Elite line. I need to get the Elite 1 most assuredly. I'm excited over your response cuz I'm living in mountain bike heaven and there are only 4 of us in the state who ride road bikes. Consequently, no Giant rep/dealer knows much about road bikes. They look at me funny when I mention that their wheels (on display TCRs) have unidirectional tires that are mounted backwards. That happened twice already. Once Levi Leipheimer left Butte, there's only 3 of us riding the road now!!! I'd like to stay in touch with you via e-mail if possible (, maybe I can swing a trip to NoCal sometime for bike purchase in '03. Redding, Chico,
Garberville, ???? Thx for your time and comprehensive response, very much appreciated!! Contact me again if you're so inclined. It would help me a lot down the road I think.