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Creaking TCR/OCR Seatpost? Check inside for fix.(1 post)

Creaking TCR/OCR Seatpost? Check inside for fix.clintb
Aug 10, 2002 3:31 PM
I'm sure that all of you who own a Giant TCR or OCR series bike can appreciate the frustration of creaks from there. Well, I had enough of trying to get the stock Al shim to stop.

Head over to, look under the mtb section of rigid seatposts and go the USE section at the bottom. Here they will have "Seatpost Reducer Shims". Select the 27.2-31.6, order it up and your creaks will forever disappear. This shim is made from what USE calls an "Engineering Thermoplastic". Whatever it is, it kills creaks! Just got through with a 100K in the rain today and not one peep out of the whole bike. God, silence is golden!

While you're at it, pick up a Salsa Lip-Lock seat collar in 35.0 size to replace the Giant part. More surface area for the clamp and a pivoting bolt for reduced stress.

Sidenote: I've used a digital micrometer on the stock shim from Giant and it come out to 31.6. I will however say that it looks as though a 31.8 may fit even better. I'll be trying that soon.

Donations for the fix accepted. :)