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Dave's Speeddream wheels...Aerolight(5 posts)

Dave's Speeddream wheels...Aerolightcarbon
Aug 9, 2002 9:28 AM
If you are using these or have used them please give reccomendations. I am comparing them with Velomax, Bontrager, and Mavic.

Thanks in advance
re: Dave's Speeddream wheels...Aerolightsacheson
Aug 9, 2002 10:54 AM
Hey there, first: sorry I can't comment on the exact wheels you are referring to, but I can comment on Dave's Wheels quality.

I had a pair of Zipp carbon deep-dish wheels built at Dave's. I bought them second-hand from a retired triathelete.

The front wheels was a low spoke count, radial laced, using a Dave's custom Speeddream hub. The rear was a Dura Ace 32 hole laced to a 28 hole rim using some funky lacing pattern. Both wheels used alloy nipples with bladed spokes.

As a 175 lb crit racer, I put these wheels through their paces for 2 solid years of racing, and used them on my cross bike for higher caliber cyclocross races.

One faitful day last fall, I was out "wearing in" some brand new tires (as I rarely rode them outside of events). I was decending down a hill that was next to a lawn being watered. A pool of water run-off in the yard obscured the pothole, I hit it head on and cracked both of the carbon rims (and ruined some brand new Vittorias in the process). Amazingly enough, the wheels were still (for the most part) true - even though the rims were destroyed.

Personally, I think someone who hand builds wheels will always make a more quality product than the mass-produced factory wheels that are so popular these days.

Go for Dave's, you most likely won't be disappointed.
They're excellentpmf1
Aug 12, 2002 6:07 AM
I got a pair last year. 1435 grams per set for $520 -- quite a deal. They're very well made and ride nicely. Currently, my wife has them on her bike and refuses to give them back. I may have to buy another set.

You have to call Dave and talk to him when you order. He's a nice guy and is quite talkative. Its obvious that the guy lives and breathes bike wheels.

I have not tried Velomax or Bontrager (the latest Trekmade boutique rip-off). I have two sets of Mavic Ksyrium SSC wheels (the older ones before the new Elites and Lites came out). These are good wheels as well. Probably 200 grams more in weight than the Speedreams. I've found them to be excessively tough though. A good choice for all around wheels or rough pavement. You can find them on close-out for $500-$600 these days.
no doubt the bestrtyszko
Aug 13, 2002 7:34 AM
I've used mine for 2 years now and I love em. You can read my posts in the Review section. I recently had one of the nipples break and I sent it back and he replaced the problem and trued them for me. (Part of which he warranteed) I don't honestly see a reason to buy off the shelf stuff when for less money you can get a better product.

Bob Tyszko
re: Dave's Speeddream wheels...Aerolightskip work to ride
Aug 15, 2002 6:46 PM
I bought them new this year to race road.

Great weight, aerodynamic and inexpensive. BUY THEM. I could have had Kysriums for more money, more weight, and a louder free hub. Why?

I have a set of speeddream mountain bike wheels - true and light and strong.

Road wheels - excellent. The only reason I would tell you to hold off is that he may be building some new wheels with American Classic's new rims. That would be crazy.... Light and deep section for rolling terrarin... That would crush Zipp and HED Alps. Lighter, less expensive and durable.

All other wheels (with some high-end exceptions) are a waste. My team is sponsored by Mavic and I run these wheels. Do it you'll have only one regret, waiting so long to get them...