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Vittoria Tubular questions(3 posts)

Vittoria Tubular questionsboat
Aug 6, 2002 9:10 PM

I just went to a bikeshop today and i was looking for a good pair of vittoria tubular tires. And I saw a pair that says 'Vittoria Pro Team', I tried to find the information on the internet, but the website doesn't say anything about it. Does anyone know anything about this tire? The bikeshop owner says that it is actually the crono model.
re: Vittoria Tubular questionsslomo
Aug 7, 2002 7:34 AM
great choice in tire! just look to the right of pro team and you'll see the model name. pro team refers to any of the three professional tier models that they offer. corsa cx is for road, crono for time trials, and the atlanta and pista are for track. i just picked up a pair of corsa cx twin treads and they have "pro team" on them.
re: Vittoria Tubular questionsboat
Aug 7, 2002 8:00 AM
Thank you very much for you help. However, the tires that i picked up have nothing next to the 'pro team' only says 'vittoria pro team press 7-10 bars' and that's it. do you have any idea which one is mine?