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XTR rear derailluer(4 posts)

XTR rear derailluerColorado Ron
Aug 6, 2002 12:54 PM
I'm thinking about trying the XTR rear derailluer and cassete on my road bike so I can get a 34 tooth rear sprocket without going to a triple.
I've noticed the XTR rear derailluer comes in a Rapid Rise version. Will the rapid rise take work on a 34 tooth cassette sprocket? What does Rapid Rise mean/do different from the long cage.

Thanks in advance.
Rapid riseSpoke Wrench
Aug 6, 2002 1:16 PM
Rapid rise refers to the way that the derailleur works. Rapid rise derailleurs use shift cable tension to pull the derailleur onto the smaller cogs (11 or 12) and rely on the spring tension to shift onto the bigger ones (32 or 34).

The idea was that while coasting downhill on a mountainbike you could pre-select the gear you wanted to use when you started the climb on the other side and it would automatically shift when you started to pedal again. I don't soubt there are some riders who like it, I've just never met one.

I've had a lot of experience tuning the less expensive C101 and C201 rapid rise rear derailleurs since our rental fleet used to use them. They sucked! Spring tension being less positive than cable tension doesn't work quite as well for shifting onto the bigger cogs, so they tend to be a little more bothersome to set up and keep adjusted.

Both XTR rapid rise rear derailleurs will handle a 34 tooth cog. The short cage GS model will wrap up 33 teeth of slack and the long cage SGS will wrap up 45 teeth.
thanks for the excellent and detailed info (NM)Colorado Ron
Aug 6, 2002 1:49 PM
re: XTR rear derailluergogene
Aug 6, 2002 9:25 PM
I've installed the XT rear der and 34t XT cassettes on two of my road bikes, one Dura-Ace equipped, the other Ultegra. They both work fine and do exactly what you want, give the the lower 'climbing' gears (or as some people call them Geezer gears) without going to a triple set-up. XT is considerably less expensive than XTR equipment and works practically as well.