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Re: Compatible cleats for Ritchie Road Pedals(11 posts)

Re: Compatible cleats for Ritchie Road Pedalssam-g
Aug 6, 2002 12:52 PM
Does anyone who owns Ritchie Road pedals use any other cleats other than the Ritchie cleats? I just purchased these pedals second hand, but w/o the cleats and I already have both Shimano SH-51 and SH-55 cleats on hand.

Any advice would be appreciated.

The Shimanos should work fine - NMVelocipedio
Aug 6, 2002 5:35 PM
The Shimanos should work fine - NMsam-g
Aug 7, 2002 5:48 AM
I appreciate your advice that the Shimano cleats "should work just fine". However, please explain how you are so sure of this fact. Do you have Ritchie Road pedals and which syles of Shimano cleats have you used? Having had the misfortune of falling over at stop lights due to sticky M-515 pedals with SH-51 cleats, I'm a little skeptical of advice without more information.

Thanks for your help.

Aug 7, 2002 1:59 PM
My apologies.

I have used the Ritchey Road pedals on occasion, and I have Ritchey MTB pedals [same retension mechanism] on my MTB. However, I have Shimano pedals on my cyclocross bike and consequently I have Shimano cleats [the multi-direction release ones... I think SM-SH51] on my MTB shoes because I ride the 'cross bike more.

I find that I have no trouble entering or releasing from Ritchey pedals with the Shimano cleats. On the other hand, I found that the Ritchey cleats did not engage or disengage the Shimano pedals reliably.
re: Ritchie Cleats.Chen2
Aug 7, 2002 10:09 AM
You need Ritchie Cleats. I bought some double sided Ritchie Pro Logic pedals for my wife, her first clipless experience. She could not get the cleats to engage the pedals, so I moved the pedals over to my commuter bike and tried them with the Ritchie cleats. I was disappointed with how difficult they were to engage and how they had no float, but other than that they worked ok. Then I tried them with Shimano cleats, they went in easily but I dang near killed myself trying to get out. Now my Ritchie pedals are in my extra parts bin, and my commuter has some old style SPD road pedals.
Aug 7, 2002 12:33 PM
I've used the Logic pedals with Shitmano cleats. I don't remember any problems either in clipping in or out. Just give em a try. If you don't like the "action" just order some cleats directly from Ritchey. Or get some new Road Logic pedals off of ebay for $60.

I'm currently using the pedals with Ritchey cleats and like them a lot.

Aug 7, 2002 6:19 PM
It should be easy to try it out to see if it works. I've got Ritchey pedals on one bike and Shimano on the other. The cleats do not work with opposite pedals. One combo, I think the Shimano cleat & Ritchey pedal, works, but releases VERY poorly, while the other won't clip in at all. I'd say just get the right cleats. (I would also recommend against the Ritchey pedals, but like me, you probably bought them because Shimano pedals are expensive).
re: Re: Compatible cleats for Ritchie Road Pedalssam-g
Aug 8, 2002 5:03 AM
Thanks for all of your advice, it seems that the concensus opinion is that Shimano cleats work just fine, sometimes poorly and not at all. As such I'll try these with both Shimano cleats (SH-55 and 51). If engagment and especially release are troublesome, they'll be listed on e-bay or in this classified. I'd like to stay with Shimano cleats so it's unlikely that I'll throw good money after bad by purchasing Ritchie cleats.

Anyone want to offer their opinion on the best road or MTB SPD Shimao pedals available, A-515, M-747, M-959 or ? I prefer MTB shoes for both road and spinning classes.

re: Re: Compatible cleats for Ritchie Road PedalsJohnG
Aug 8, 2002 6:34 AM
IMHO, the Ritchey mtb pedals are WAY-WAY better than the Shimano pedals.

re: Re: Compatible cleats for Ritchie Road PedalsMatno
Aug 9, 2002 11:54 AM
Consider one important thing: clipping out just ain't as important on a road bike as it is on a mountain bike. Of course, when you're in a crash, it is, but most of the time on a road bike, you never bail because of an endo, etc. Thus, the important characteristics are: weight and float. I would go with the lightest pedal that offers the amount of float I like (lots). My Ritchey pedals (even with the correct cleats) have basically 0 float. Oh, and while I said clipping out ain't that important, on my Ritchey/Shimano combo, it's darned near impossible, which is a problem no matter where you're riding...
re: Re: Compatible cleats for Ritchie Road Pedalsjordan
Aug 9, 2002 12:55 PM
I have the Richey road pedals and the Shimano SH-51 cleats work fine-easy in and easy out.