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Crank Arm Length(4 posts)

Crank Arm Lengthbiglee
Aug 6, 2002 12:28 PM
What is the way to properly determine what crank arm length you should be riding?
WellSpoke Wrench
Aug 6, 2002 1:32 PM
That's one of the things that has been tested, probably for an Olympic team or something similar, and the scientific test result was that it didn't seem to make much difference regardless of factors like thigh bone length.

I have a little bit of trouble completely accepting that. I have a personal friend who is 6'7". He insists on using 180mm cranks. My mother was about 4'11". It doesn't make logical sense to me that both of those people should ride the same length cranks. One would have very little range of knee motion and the other would have her knees hit her chin. I think that there might be a factor that the researchers overlooked.

It looks to me like people who are unusually tall or unusually short need porportional cranks. For average guys like me, it doesn't make any difference.
Well said (nm)Kerry
Aug 6, 2002 4:50 PM
Aug 7, 2002 7:06 AM
unless you're exceptionally short or tall, choose crank arm length for the type of riding you'll be doing. Like to spin and turn a gear over easily all the time--then short cranks. Want more power for climbs and turning over a big gear, then longer cranks. A few years ago road racers were all going in for 180s (Big Mig started this trend)--if you ride a lot of crits, consider cornering angle though (nothing worse than pedaling out of a corner too early and planting a pedal)