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Building 24-spoke Rear Wheel(3 posts)

Building 24-spoke Rear WheelJBF
Aug 6, 2002 10:46 AM
I was thinking of building a 24-spoke rear wheel similar to one I saw recently. It was not a factory built wheel, but a custom wheel built using a 32-hole rear hub with 16 spokes laced 2 cross on the drive side, and 8 spokes laced 1 cross on the nondrive side. I have a 32 hole rear hub in my parts box so this would not be a huge investment for me.

I weigh 150 lbs. and was thinking of using a Velocity Aerohead rim due to it's triangulated section, to add strength. I know there are stronger aero-rims out there, but they get heavy and I figure this is not worth it unless I can keep the weight down.

I already have a 32 spoke, 2X front/3X rear wheelset, so this is more a project than an attempt to build the perfect everyday wheel. Any ideas, opinions, or experiances doing something similar would be appreciated.
Let me know how it comes out.Spoke Wrench
Aug 6, 2002 11:04 AM
Here's what I am wondering about.

As I understand it, the idea behind the paired spokes on Rolf wheels was to avoid having a continuous "S" curve around the circumference of the wheel caused by widely spaced spokes. Your pattern is going to result in pairs of drive side spokes separated by one non-drive spoke. If my understanding is correct, unless you use a rim that is pretty stiff laterally, you might end up with a continuous "S" curve in your rim.

Course, I don't know any of this for sure because I've never tryed it. Actually, this is the kind of project I've thought about from time to time just to see what would happen. Like you say, it wouldn't be a huge investment.
re: Building 24-spoke Rear WheelSuds
Aug 6, 2002 12:40 PM
I think that this is the way that Dave builds the Speeddream rear wheels, if I am not mistaken.