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help: Ksyrium SL or Carbone?(7 posts)

help: Ksyrium SL or Carbone?Qubeley
Aug 5, 2002 10:01 AM
I am in the market of a new set of wheels. Either Ksyrium SL or Carbone. My number one concern is quality/durabily.
I had Ksyrium before, and I think they are the best. Does anyone know whether the SL is as strong as the older ones after they "shaved" the rims?
I kind of like the way Carbone looks, but know absolutely nothing about them. Can someone testify on the performance, quality, durability of Cosmic Carbone?
Thanks in advance.
re: help: Ksyrium SL or Carbone?DougSloan
Aug 5, 2002 10:05 AM
I think the SL is the same in other respects to the earlier Ksyriums. Should be just as durable.

The Carbone's are extremely heavy. I'd not use them except in flat ground time trials, but even then there are comparable shaped wheels that weight about 2 pounds less(!!!) for the set (Zipp 404).

re: help: Ksyrium SL or Carbone?CharlesTT
Aug 5, 2002 11:30 AM
Do not get the carbone as a set at least. If you really want to get deep section wheels i agree to get zipp 404's, they are lighter than the ksyriums and cost less then the carbone. But if you really want to look cool just get a cosmic carbone front and ksyrium rear.
Aug 5, 2002 5:19 PM
I can't speak for the Carbone, but the SL is a work of art. There isn't a burr or seam or rough spot anywhere to be found on the Ksyrium... an amazing attention to detail- inside and out. For their weight, they seem to ride like a heavier wheel.

Mine are relatively new- maybe 500 miles on them with no problems whatsoever. I can't understand how anyone can break spokes on a wheel like this unless it wasn't set up properly in the first place.

If you are really worried about durability, why not get the Elite. I think the only differences are that the rim isn't shaved, and the spokes are steel... the weight is more comparable to the Carbone.

I think the real question is: do you want lighter wheels, or more aero wheels.

Some might argue that Mavics are overpriced and have poor warrantee service. If you want light AND aero, you might want to look at another brand.
Aug 5, 2002 6:24 PM
I've ridden the Carbones on a daily basis for more than 3 years. They are noticeably faster than conventional wheels. The rim is a box aluminum rim with carbon fiber fairings. They are a bit on the heavy side but tough and durable. They have excellent bearings. Mine are clinchers, I run Axial Pro 23's and Performance tubes with 60mm stems, no extensions. On my normal training rides with some hills I am consistently 1/2mph faster on the Carbones than on my Open Pro 32 Revolution spoke Chris King hub wheels. These rides are in the 18 to 22mph range.
The Carbones are fun to ride.
re: help: Ksyrium SL or Carbone?Banky
Aug 6, 2002 8:35 AM
Just got a pair of SL's I am a 205 lb rider, have not put a lot of miles on them yet but they are fast and feel very strong.
re: help: Ksyrium SL or Carbone?Axle1
Aug 12, 2002 9:31 PM
I am 195 lbs and have the sl ksyriums and though only 120 miles on my ultimate, these things seem bullet proof.