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Campy ErgoBrain Problem(4 posts)

Campy ErgoBrain ProblemB2
Aug 5, 2002 6:26 AM
I'm having a problem getting the ErgoBrain front derailleur sensor to recognize the chainring shift to the 53 ring. After taking the shifters and sensor off I have determined the following:
1. The sensor does move when the lever is shifted
2. The sensor can be rotated manually (off of the shifter) so that the 53 chainring position is "tripped".
3. The range of motion required for the 53 position to be "tripped" is greater than the range of motion of my shifter.

The ErgoBrain was purchased about two months ago from Colorado Cyclist so I may have some recourse there, but I really don't want to disassemble everything to send it back only to have to do the same thing again a few weeks later to reassemble. Any thoughts on how to solve the problem myself?

re: Campy ErgoBrain Problemkokaku
Aug 5, 2002 8:17 AM
When you setup the ErgoBrain, did you set the chainring/freewheel settings while riding (as per the instructions)? I didn't (I used my workstand) and sometimes have problems with it recognizing that I've shifted chainrings. From what I've read in other forums, ErgoBrain is unreliable unless you follow those instructions and make the settings on the bike (not on a stand).
re: Campy ErgoBrain ProblemB2
Aug 5, 2002 10:47 AM
I did let the ErgoBrain do the setup while riding and for the first several weeks the shift from 39 to 53 was recognized. It now appears that, for some reason?, the electrical contact in the sensor is no longer tripped with the normal range of motion of the shifters. If the shifters rotated just a tiny bit further the electrical contact would be made and the chainring shift recognized.

Unfortuately it looks like the sensor is epoxied together so access to electrical contact portion of the sensor is not feasible without major "surgery".

Thanks for the input,
re: Campy ErgoBrain ProblemLuis
Aug 5, 2002 7:29 PM
I've got the same problem. My solution has been to give up on both the chain position sensors and the hood mounted buttons. Neither are all that useful to me (which is why I wouldn't buy another ErgoBrain) but the rest of the functions work fine.

The biggest problem with this design is the need to untape the bars and take the shifters apart to deal with what must be trivial problems. After going through this a couple of times (and having Campy not warranty a faulty front wheel speed sensor) I'm happy to use the unit without any of the shifter-dependent functions.