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bars slipping in itm millenium stem(2 posts)

bars slipping in itm millenium stemshutterbiker
Aug 4, 2002 5:40 PM
i have itm pro 260 bars and millenium stem. bars seem to slip downward during rides. as the millenium uses small bolts, i'm a little afraid of just cranking down to stop the movement. is there anything i could do in addition to making sure the clamp bolts are tight?
thanks in advance.
Have you tried this?Spoke Wrench
Aug 5, 2002 5:22 AM
First, completely remove the bar from the stem and clean both interfaces with something like mineral spirits.
Grease your bolt threads and the backs of the bolt heads.
When you begin the assembly process, first just thread in the bolts until the heads barely bottom against the clamp. Carefully tighten whichever bolt is necessary until the gap between the stem and clamp is uniform.
Alternately tighten the two bolts, no more than 1/2 turn at a time, until you reach your final torque spec. on both bolts. The idea is that when you are finished the clamp should be perfectly parallel with the stem and the tension on both bolts should be exactly equal. I think of it like tensioning a wheel.

I think that you are smart not to just crank the bolts. Stems are one part that, left to my own instincts, I would surely overtorque.