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115 mm Campy AC-H BB for double?(4 posts)

115 mm Campy AC-H BB for double?Velocipedio
Aug 4, 2002 10:38 AM
Just wondering if I would be courting disaster if I replaced the 111 mm AC-H BB on my 'cross bike with the 115 mm spindle model.

The reason I ask is that I have very little clearance between the small chainring and the right chainstay -- about 2.5 mm. It's not rubbing, but I think that, when I take the bike into the mud, this could become a problem.

It seems that the 115 mm spindle would move the crankset out and give me 4 mm more clearance.

The crankset is a double, though. Would this work, or have I been sniffing too much citrus degreaser?
re: 115 mm Campy AC-H BB for double?Rusty Coggs
Aug 4, 2002 1:08 PM
Should hurt nothing but will more likely give 2mm extra per side.Make sure the derailer has enough travel to go that much furher.
re: 115 mm Campy AC-H BB for double?curlybike
Aug 4, 2002 7:04 PM
That will probably alter your chain line outboard a little. That may or not alter your shifting quality. Some bikes with very short chainstays are real touchy about chainline.
2.5 mm is Plenty of clarance. nmJohnG
Aug 5, 2002 6:20 AM