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Is it recommended to match bar and stem by brand?(5 posts)

Is it recommended to match bar and stem by brand?buffalosorrow
Aug 3, 2002 1:23 PM
Here is my dilemma, my stem's top bar clamp threads are stipped. I matched an ITM stem with a Salsa bar, thought it would be fine. Little did I know that ITM uses a 25.6mm clamp diameter, and the Salsa bars are 26mm, minimal difference yes, I should have also used a torque wrench.

Now I have checked Cinelli's diameters and they are 26mm, will this work? I purchased a torque wrench to ensure tighening aspects. Or should I go with a Salsa stem, a tad heavier but no problem by me.
not necessaryDougSloan
Aug 3, 2002 1:40 PM
There are dozens that work together. Just check the speck ahead of time. Generally, 25.8 and 26.0 are common and work together.

not necessaryRoyle Wheels
Aug 4, 2002 8:43 AM
Most manufacturers (especially the Italian ones) only warranty their bars if used with their own stems.

not necessarygrzy
Aug 4, 2002 8:54 AM
How, errr, Italian of them! ;-)

Time for me to break out my stem soapbox --

Get a Ritchey - if you can stand it. Light, stiff, and durable as heck. Why it even works with Italian bars and is Y2K compatible. Yes, it slices, dices, whitens your teeth, and will improve your sex life! Looks like a Newton, but the bolts don't strip. Been using them for a couple years and haven't had a single problem, nor have I heard of any. The WCS version is a svelt 125 grams - no lie.

Noise of soapbox sliding back under work bench
sounds interesting....buffalosorrow
Aug 4, 2002 4:07 PM
I was considering the ritchey stem as well as the Salsa SUL, built like stone. I am recieving a credit from the shop towards and new stem, they are overseas so no ritchey nor salsa. Now with the exchange rate on a rise it my not be a good idea to buy a few items from the UK.