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rolf vector pro wheels trueing(2 posts)

rolf vector pro wheels trueingroadcycle
Aug 3, 2002 8:35 AM

I have ridden about 1500 kilometers on my rolf vector pro wheels. Both wheels are slightly untrue - more horizontaly then verticaly.
Any one has any tips about when it's time to true those wheels and about the best technique to do it ?
What to avoid ?

Thank's Roadcycle
re: rolf vector pro wheels trueingCheezhead
Aug 3, 2002 4:23 PM
Don't the Vector Pro's have the nipples inside the rim? In that case, you would have to take the wheels to your LBS so that they can either do it there probably with a special tool, or send them out to Rolf to true them. That's the reason i stayed away from this wheelset. Why would they do that?