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Campy 9 speed ongoing availability(2 posts)

Campy 9 speed ongoing availabilityeflayer2
Aug 3, 2002 5:35 AM
I am looking at a bike with Chorus 9 speed triple components. Now that Campy has gone to all 10 speed stuff, will 9 spd parts be at all difficult to get?
Shouldn't be to much of a problem!Bikez
Aug 3, 2002 7:53 AM
Campy still makes some 8sp. components for those retro-grouches out there :^) So 9sp isn't in any danger of becoming extinct..just yet... If/when down the road 9sp doesn't become available( a long time!), you can easily convert your 9sp triple to a 10(Req'd-10sp ergo cam/FDer./chain/cassette/10sp
jocket wheels,large chain ring)