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Cassette Options 4 Shimano wanna-be Campy 10-speed wheelset(4 posts)

Cassette Options 4 Shimano wanna-be Campy 10-speed wheelsetScuderia Toscana
Aug 2, 2002 11:47 AM
Sigh! I have a spare Gipiemme Grecal wheelset with a Shimano splined rear hub. Great team deal, so it's hard to consider selling them.

My bike's drivetrain is Campagnolo 10-speed. I tried upgrading the hubset to campy 10 thru my LBS, but was told that it could not be done without having to replace the hub-set (major $$).

So, I researched this forum and others and came up with:
1) Sell the wheelset and get the REAL THING!
2) Get a Wheels Mfg. Cassette (Excel has a good price)-this may prove costly in the-long-run.
3) Get an American Classic conversion cassette at an even better price (about $70.00)
4) Brandford's has a LeTour conversion kit that can be used with a Shimano 105 9-speed cassette. I'll lose the 11-cog (no big deal here, but what about adjustments?)

Since this is a racing/spare wheelset, I'm concerned about ease of swap-ability with my current MAVIC-elite wheelset setup. I want to be able to swap the wheels with little change to my current setup. Thus, I don't want to be fine tuning the drive train all the time, as I understand it my have to be done with the Wheels Mfg. cassette.

Any opinions (or something I've missed?) Thx in advance!

Signed, despaired cyclist.
You've covered all the basesDMoore
Aug 2, 2002 12:28 PM
I have the same issues with a Velomax wheelset and my Record 9 and 10 speed bikes. You've covered all the options I'm aware of, with one possible exception - since Gipiemme is an Italian company, maybe they have a separate Campy-compatible freehub body? Try contacting Gipiemme in Italy (they must have a website) and see what you can find out.

I swap back and forth between a Campy cogset on Campy hubs and an Accelerator cogset on my VM's. The readjustment required is so slight I can usually ignore it. If not, a quick quarter turn at the downtube adjuster is all it takes. I don't notice any significant difference in shifting or drivetrain noise. So I don't think that's a major consideration that you should worry about.

Have you had any spoke breakage problem with the Grecals? A local team in my area (SoCal) has them, and they've had several of them break.
You've covered all the basesScuderia Toscana
Aug 2, 2002 1:50 PM
Thx for the reply.

Yes, I'm aware of spoke breakage problems. My wheels have the new/re-inforced spokes. Since I haven't use them, I don't know of spoke breakage with these new spokes.

I'll contact their Italian site for a possible hub swap.
re: Cassette Options 4 Shimano wanna-be Campy 10-speed wheelsetdplummer
Aug 3, 2002 7:00 AM
You've done your research, and now the facts. Your best choice is to go with the Wheels Manf. cassette. I provide wheel support and am sponsored by Cane Creek, and all my wheels use Wheels Manf. cassettes for Campy drivetrains. I have never had any problems or complaints from anyone.

The issue with not haveing to adjust your gears between wheel changes is determined by the spacing of the hub. If you have a set of calibors, measure to make sure that both of the wheels are spaced the same. If they are, you won't have any problems.

Good luck and keep up the riding