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Speedplay cleat replacement(6 posts)

Speedplay cleat replacementManBehindTheCurtain
Aug 2, 2002 6:49 AM
I switched to Speedplay this year. I had heard that cleat replacement was going to be an issue. I have the cleat covers and have tried to be careful. I try never to walk in just the cleats. However, I have ridden about 2300 miles on 85 or so rides and the cleats are showing scratches and surface wear.

Recently the cleat bolts on one shoe loosened and I had to take the whole deal apart and tighten the bottom bolts and then bolt the top part of the cleat back on. While doing this I noticed that the cleat itself, which clicked together and held together as a unit when new, no longer clicks together. When the four upper bolts are installed the cleat feels firm and sits in the proper position.

My question then is, what are the signs of cleat wear which indicate replacement is necessary? And have I reached that point? They worked yesterday before I took them apart and the only difference today is that I have noticed a specific point of wear. Bolted back on they look and feel the same today as yesterday.

I would appreciate information from those more experienced than I with Speedplay. Am I still good to go or should I be considering replacement?
They sound just fine..Jekyll
Aug 2, 2002 12:45 PM
The outer metal plates scratch up like mad but their appearance does not effect functionality. They do come lose from the plastic main body of the cleat if you remove the bolts but again this is normal (at least this has happened with every set I've ever had).
Just keep'em lubed and you should see many more thousands of miles out of them (I have a set with around 8k miles on them - scratched to hell and back but work like a charm).
re: Speedplay cleat replacementJimP
Aug 2, 2002 1:28 PM
Your cleats sound fine. I would recommend using a drop of blue Loctite on each screw whenever you remove them. This will help prevent loosening from vibration. The wear points are on the actual spring. When they do wear, you will see one side of the wire spring where it rides in the groove worn flat. You may have to take the cleat apart to notice this.
One last wordJuanmoretime
Aug 3, 2002 9:03 AM
Speedpaly recommends replacement at 5000 miles. I follow this schedule lossely and haven't had any issues. As the previous poster mentioned, the round locking bar on the cleat flattens out as it wears. I once put about 14,000 on a set and they didn't fail.
Speedplay Storiesgrzy
Aug 3, 2002 7:51 PM
Wifey runs SP's and tries not to do too much walking around in them. Hers finally failed one day when just riding along (yes, it's true!), but not how you might think. The little stainless steel spring clip in the cleat that makes the whole thing work fatigued and failed. It just snapped and got lost on the road some where never to be seen again. It didn't matter since we couldn't fix it any way. All I really wanted was to buy just one little clip, but wouind up buying a whole set of replacement cleats figuring that the other clips would soon fail and the aluminum plates and screws were fairly worn down. I'd suggest you just get and extra set of cleats if you're concerned and throw them in your bag - it kinda messed with our ride plans having to call all over town on a Sunday afternoon to find a shop that had a set of cleats. I would seriously advise NOT using any Loctite on these cleats since there can be precious little left of the screw head when it comes time to take the whole works apart. She has done zero maintenance on her shoes (trust me) and everything had worked just fine until the clip failed. I kept all of the old parts for spares, being the greasy packrat that I am. I must add that I've gone through way more Campy ProFit (profit?) cleats in the same amount of time so I can't complain about the higher cost of a single set of the Speedplays.
Do any of you step in mud or gravel?p chop
Aug 4, 2002 7:16 PM
Seriously, I want to know, because the prospect of not being able to hop into a ditch to pee (thanks to all the 'better not step on a pebble' elsewhere previously on this board) has been the only thing keeping me away from some x's. That, and, my frogs are working just great with no springs at all.

But you other folks's mileage out of them sounds pretty decent... my frog cleats melted down after about 2200 miles, between towns in an Idaho sand storm on easily the windiest day of the year. Had a pair expressed to the next shop two towns up and just put up with not being clipped in for a couple of days (learned a lot about how sloppy my stroke had been on the cleat).

hardest part of it?
bingo grzy: Getting off
the old cleat due to:

lack of maintenance
(periodic regreasing).
mechanic's yawp hailed

his handy Dremel.
the cleat failure need not have
surprised me either

infamous mushrooms
show their wear well before death
I'd walked'em bad, too

(sorry and thanks JS, about that)

Now that I'm thinking about how good those Frogs've really been to me, is there really any big reason to go to Speedplay x's?