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steel forks and track wheelsets(2 posts)

steel forks and track wheelsetsevant
Aug 1, 2002 5:44 PM
I'm picking up a Bianchi Pista in the near future and wanna swap out the stock threaded fork for a steel threadless fork. I'm also curious about track specific wheelsets, I'd really dig a Mavic 5spoke wheelset or some other carbon fibre track wheelset

--Evan T
Skip the Pista if you're considering upgrades.Quack
Aug 4, 2002 3:22 AM
If you have big plans for a hot track bike, I wouldn't pick the Pista as your foundation. Don't get me wrong, it's a decent bike and I own one, but it is considered entry-level in the track world. Crash it, bash it, and when you get smooth and smart, go high-tech. There are a couple pretty cool aluminum framesets that are available for the price of a complete Pista that will provide you with a better starting point for a hot track bike. Enjoy the track!