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mysterious creaking/grinding noise - post mortem(2 posts)

mysterious creaking/grinding noise - post mortemDaveG
Aug 1, 2002 4:27 PM
First, thanks to all that responded with their suggestions the other week. After countless hours messing with my BB, headset, wheels, etc, this turned into another case of "its not what you thought is was". The culprit was the seatpost clamp. While I could have sworn the noise was from the BB, and that it sounded like bearings, this a lesson-learned to start with the easy stuff first. Another bonehead mistake on my path to becoming a better mechanic.
Another cause of creakingKillerQuads
Aug 2, 2002 10:22 AM
I had a creaking sound when I stood to climb (aluminum frame, Ultegra bottom bracket and crank). I greased the threads on the chainring bolts but the creaking remained. I then removed the chainrings and greased the surfaces on the chainrings where they contact the crank arms. I also greased the circles on the chainrings that contact the chainring bolts. This made it a little harder to torque the bolts tight, so I used an old Campagnolo tool to stop rotation of the slotted inside chainring bolt. The creaking went away.

Park Tools says another cause of bottom bracket creaking is the bottom bracket lock ring which is cured by applying Loctite on the surface of the ring where it contacts the frame. I did not have to go to that step.