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TST titanium road frames(3 posts)

TST titanium road framesJBF
Jul 31, 2002 5:55 PM
Anybody have experiance or opinions on the TST titanium road frames, sold a few years ago as Mongoose 10.7/10.9 bikes? I am concidering one as an upgrade from my GT Edge 853 steel frame (circa 1996).
pretty nice, from what I've seenrockbender
Jul 31, 2002 6:24 PM
My buddy has a 10.9 that he LOVES, and I must admit I get a bit jealous when I spin it around the block. I remember the welds looking nice, and the geometry good (for me, at least).

I myself have a softail ti MTB sold under Mongoose, which I believe is a TST frame as well. Beauty welds, and a nice ride. The bike is a bit noodly in the BB, but it is a large frame size and reference is coming off of an old 3.1 series C-dale.

I recently was looking for a ti frame, and the TST's were on the top of my list.
re: TST titanium road framesripper
Aug 1, 2002 1:24 AM
i work in kennewick washington where TST is located and toured the shop when i was frame shopping. i got to know the head frame builder pretty well not long after that (in a completely unrelated setting) and decided that it was a good idea to buy the 10.9 frame (they call it the FFBR00).

i have had my bike built up for a few months now and feel like i couldn't have made a better choice. they are very detail oriented in construction, very tight tolerances and beautiful welds. the frame is silky smooth to ride and i dont get any undue bb flex (im 6'2" and 230, i would notice in a sprint). the frame fits me perfectly (i feel very lucky considering i didn't get to ride a built one). the only irritation i have had so far is the dropout isn't wide enough to take off my ksyriums off unless i completely unscrew the qr.

im now trying to decide whether to get custom stickers with my name , or having the bike painted...or, as one person on the board described it, sticking witht the "darth vader" brushed ti look.

(i need to quit using so many parenthesis)