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Sidi & Speedplay problem(6 posts)

Sidi & Speedplay problemwolfereeno
Jul 31, 2002 3:24 PM
I've got Sidi Genious 4 shoes and Speedplay pedals. The slick bottoms of the shoes and the flat plastic pedal structure are really f*ing slippery when I'm not clipped in.

I really like the feeling of the pedals and shoes but I live in a city and when I approach crowds, buses, intersections, I usually unclip just in case.

However on these it's more dangerous being unclipped than being clipped. I wish I had the nerves of a bike messenger (I've seen them practically duct tape themselves to the bike) but I don't and this is a really scary combination.

I'm used to clipless pedals - I've ridden my mountain bike which has Shimano 747's and Diadora shoes safely all over the city for years. But I just bought my first road bike and am hating the road cleats so far. It's only a very small % of the time that I'm unclipped during a typical ride.

Anyone try somehow making the bottom of the road shoe (between the cleat and heal) more abrasive? I was thinking about some sort of stick on rubber pad or a few pieces of gaffers tape. Suggestions?

Even if I dump the Speedplays (a shame cause they feel nice while clipped) I'd like to salvage the shoes cause I'm a tough fit. But I'm not sure another type of pedal would help.

re: Sidi & Speedplay problemdavet
Jul 31, 2002 4:06 PM
I have the same problem and concerns as you. I went to a shoe repair shop (a good one not, one in a mall) took my Sidi with me and explained the problem. I bought some sole rubber that was slightly thicker than the Sidi heel pad. He came up with two ideas. One was to try some PVC pipe cement. The other was super glue. Both will adhere to the rubber. He suggested cutting and glueing a very small piece of the sole rubber to the sole of the Sidi to see which one stuck the best. I asked about 'barge cement', the thick green deer snot adhesive, but the shoe guy said it wouldn't stick to the plastic soles. I haven't tried any glueing yet so I don't have any other recommendations for you. If you come up with something, let us know with a new post. Good luck, Dave
I superglued rubber heels onto the Sidi heels andsnuggleman308
Jul 31, 2002 5:08 PM
also keep Speedplay's "coffee shop" caps in my seatbag. I try to do very little walking away from my bike so the left heel lasted a few years. The right one wears out much faster. Guess which foot I clip out to put my foot down at intersections? You'd think I dragged my shoe down the road.

Besides, what's more fun than a sweaty cyclist in his dork outfit sprawled on his ass after slipping on 7-11's wet floor?

I'm going to try the PVC cement next; thanks.
re: Sidi & Speedplay problemwolfereeno
Aug 1, 2002 7:09 AM

So will the rubber section be a strip between the cleat and the heel pad? How wide?
I don't have Sidi but check this outrockit
Aug 1, 2002 6:22 AM
I have another road shoe and the heel pad had worn down and the hard sole was begining to ware. I needed new heel pads. I bought some rubber ends that go on the ends of furniture legs at my local hardware store. I cut off the sides and just used the end as my replacement pad. I used Shoe Goo to bond the new pad right over top of the worn out one. The main point of my post here is that Shoe Goo is a great bonding agent for sticking any kind of rubber to the bottom of your road shoe. This worked great to extend the life of my shoe and I use the Speedplay coffee covers as well.
re: Sidi & Speedplay problemlegs
Aug 1, 2002 5:01 PM
you know i think a track stand is a really useful skill to have and it is easy to learn.. its mostly mental and about spotting...

I only unclip in large group training rides ... or when i am getting off the bike...