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WEYLESS components. They're inexpensive, but are they good?(3 posts)

WEYLESS components. They're inexpensive, but are they good?TheSandman
Jul 28, 2002 11:14 PM
Supergo seems to sell a heck of a lot of Weyless components for a heck of a lot cheaper than equivalent parts made by more well-known manufacturers. The Weyless carbon aero seatpost goes for $79. Their cargon crankset is $209.

Anyone know why Supergo pushes Weyless so much? And why Weyless stuff tends to cost less than other brands? Anyone here have any experience with Weyless products?
re: WEYLESS components. They're inexpensive, but are they good?Carbon fiber fanatik
Jul 29, 2002 4:16 AM
for giggles, I bought a set of weyless carbon cranks and an aero post. Honest opinion? They rock..! The cranks are very stiff, very light and just look cool. I have oh.. somewhere around 2 thousand miles on both parts and they are still like new. BTW? Weyless is a company (asian) that makes parts that come with more impressive names, such as, litespeed, look, cervelo and prob a host of others. I think they just got smart and decided to make some of their own money. It's not about the name anyway.. Take the seat post out of a specialized road bike.. you know, the one that says "Ritchey"? you will find "Kalloy" stamped near the bottom. The paint dont make the componant.
The Weyless parts just plain work and you cant go wrong for the money.
seems to be a trendJekyll
Jul 29, 2002 5:19 AM
Weyless "brand" name is a SuperGo house brand. Just like the Forte stuff from Performance and Douglas from CC. None of these retailers actually manufacture the stuff they stamp with their name. They are probably made by some of the same people who make components for other more recognized manufacturers.
These retailers are big enough to leverage the manufacturers to stamp their house brand on products. This is neither good or bad - it just is. Just like most Coda and Icon components are not made by Cannodale and Trek respectively. The only thing is that I don't think that you can view these "product" lines as a whole like you can do with Campy or Shimano. I would guess that different items are made by different manufacturers under each name (Douglas frames are a good example). I'm sure some are good, some probably are not. Many high line manufacturers don't make their own stuff - take Litespeed Al bikes for example.