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New bike suggestions, please x-post.(3 posts)

New bike suggestions, please x-post.Bianchi Ti
Jul 27, 2002 2:20 PM
I am looking into a new bike. I want something light, but I don't want to be beaten up by the ride. I know that many of the new aluminum alloys are the lightest but then again you end up feeling every grain of sand in your tush. Steel of course is very comfortable, but tends to be a little weighty. This leaves the choice to carbon or Ti or a combo. I haven't come up with a budget yet, but I would appreciate feed-back on everything from mass production american frames to custom frames to italian frames. I have been perusing Seven Cycles, Colnago, Litespeed.
re: New bike suggestions, please x-post.jtolleson
Jul 27, 2002 8:30 PM
Without a budget or a description of the kind of riding you anticipate, this question defies answer.

I believe that (esp. for the non-racer) the role of weight is overemphasized. In a high end steel bike, you can get a great ride and it will still weigh less than most al bikes of 5-6 years ago, for example. Will you race at all? Will you tour at all? Is fitness your goal? Are centuries your goal?

The 3 companies you've listed all offer bikes with a wide range of purposes and would suit you well.

Not to give you a non-answer, but you've kind of asked the unanswerable. I guess I can say that if it were me, I'd buy a Seven Axiom Ti, because six months ago it WAS me, and that's what I bought. But I also considered the Colnago CT1.
re: New bike suggestions, please x-post.Bianchi Ti
Jul 27, 2002 10:15 PM
You are right of course that I was too broad with my question. I have raced and probably will again. I have ridden quite a few centuries. I ride more often on my mountain bike, but that's probably because the bike is better and therefore more enjoyable. I only put five to 8 hours in the saddle per week but I want to ride something really nice in that limited time that I do have. I love to climb and hils are my favorite. Ilike the idea of Ti b/c it is very durable; however, my old mtn. bike was oclv and I never experienced durability issues even with three seasons of racing and three years of recreational riding.