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Campy 10 speed crank w/Shimano groupo??(3 posts)

Campy 10 speed crank w/Shimano groupo??gray8110
Jul 24, 2002 9:46 PM
Will a campy 10 speed crankset work with an otherwise Dura Ace group. A buddy ended up getting a campy record carbon crankset and is offering me his record crankset. I realize I'd need a campy BB which I have, but is the spacing on the 10 speeds incompatible with shimano's front shifter and derailleur and are the chainrings too narrow for a regular 8/9 speed chain??

should be ok....C-40
Jul 25, 2002 4:18 AM
The chainrings are not narrower. The campy big ring was just moved a little closer the little ring when 10 speed was introduced. Shimano did the same thing by moving the little ring closer to the big ring when 9 speed was introduced.
I know that it worksgrandemamou
Jul 26, 2002 6:22 AM
the other way. I have a friend with Record 10 spd and Ultegra crank and works like a charm. She needed 165 mm cranks.

My feeling is that it will work. I've just never tried it.