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Campy 9sp shifters with Shimano?(4 posts)

Campy 9sp shifters with Shimano?alansutton
Jul 24, 2002 8:05 AM
I replaced my Ultegra 9 STI shifters with a set a Campy Daytona 9sp Ergos and it doesn't shift right. Do I need to replace my cassette with or rear derailuer too?
Jul 24, 2002 8:17 AM
You need to change more that just the shift levers. You must use a campy 9 speed derailleur. If the shift levers are pre-2000 models, they will only work with pre-2000 derailleurs, unless you change the internal rachet.

If you have post-2000 levers, just get a new 2002 campy 9 rear derailleur.

The shimano cassette cog spacing is also not the same as campy's. A special cassette can be purchased from excel sports for $100, or you just put up with the marginal shifting that you will get with the shimano cassette.

The trick to getting reasonable shifting with the shimano cassette, is adjusting the rear derailleur to be centered on the middle cog. This spreads the derailleur positioning error equally between up shift and down shifts. The positioning error is 5% per shift, so it will still accumulate to 20% on the fourth shift. Some folks think it works fine, but I wouldn't recommend it.
Campy drivetrain with Shimano cassettesTosh
Jul 24, 2002 1:28 PM
Ths story might be my particuler case though, I first tried Campy Record 9sp (2001) derailuer/shifter with Shimano D/A cog and this combination didn't work as fine as all D/A comb. Then I changed the internal rachet to 10sp and works pretty fine, just as good as all D/A. 10sp rachet still have 5% shift error in opposite direction but pulley play on 9sp derailuer may absorb the shift error. This is what I suposed on the result. I believe this is worth to try!
partially right....C-40
Jul 24, 2002 1:44 PM
If you use a 10 speed drivetrain with a shimano 9 cassette the amount of error is slightly less; .20mm per shift for the 10 speed, versus .23mm for the 9. The 10 speed drivetrain will under shift rather that over shift.

I pointed out this fact a quite some time ago on this forum, but didn't get any comments from anyone that tried it. The discussion was aimed at the problem of getting a 10 speed neutral support wheel in a race. Apparently you could get by with a 9 speed shimano wheel in a pinch.

The derailleur pulley float is so small that the error on the first shift either direction from center will use up the float.