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Creaking in Dura Ace BB/Cranks(2 posts)

Creaking in Dura Ace BB/CranksChris90
Jul 24, 2002 2:42 AM
I recently upgraded my drivetrain to all Dura Ace. My upgrade has developed a nasty creak when I get out of the saddle put some pressure on the pedals(it is quiet whjile I am seated). I pulled everything out, regreased and tighten everything good. Went for a ride and all was quiet, even out of the saddle. After 15 minutes or so of riding, the creaking noise returned. Any ideas? Is it possible that the BB is adjusted too tight? Spins nice and smoooth?
Thanks for any input!
Many threads on this problem in the past. I'll give you somePaul
Jul 24, 2002 4:28 AM
info on what others have done, mainly, replaced the Dura Ace BB with an Ultegra. I have two bikes built up with Dura Ace BB, and haven't had any problems with them. I did the same thing you did when i heard creaking, and thought it was the BB.
Turned out to be my front wheels (Ksyriums and heliums). All I did was put grease between the forks, and presto, creaking gone.

Not saying this is your problem. You know per instructions, that the left hand cup can't be tighten too much as it will bind.I tightened the lock rings as much as I could. I also used a good grease on the threads before inserting the BB, and in general, just followed instructions. One thing they mention is to push in on the left cup while tighting the BB with the lock ring. don't understand this, but I had my wife help me while tighting.

Some people use teflon tape, I didn't.
See other post on this subject, reponded to it yeaterday.