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Rear Wheel Bearing(5 posts)

Rear Wheel BearingAlan Ross
Jul 23, 2002 4:18 AM
My rear wheel has very slight movement from side to side. The wheels are Velomax Orion Comp and there is a fix on their website for this common problem..what if I don't fix the movement in the bearing? Will this be a problem for me soon? Anyone have similar problem with this otherwise great wheelset?
I adjusted my Ksyriums for wheel wobble which is real easy.Paul
Jul 23, 2002 6:13 AM
It only took about an 1/8 turn on the bearing cup. Don't be fooled as they all will move side-to-side somewhat due to some flex in the rim/spokes. Is it a difficult procedure for your wheels? If not adjust them slightly. Wheels with loose bearings will affect handling, so be careful.

If not sure, see your local wrench.
I adjusted my Ksyriums for wheel wobble which is real easy.Alan Ross
Jul 23, 2002 6:20 AM
I was on the Velomax web site and it looks easy enough as well but I do not like fooling with seals and using loctite I have bad experiences and thumbs for fingers my lbs is really busy right now and I jus t want to know if I can go another 2k miles before it is adjusted./
If it's not excessive, should be okay. RearPaul
Jul 23, 2002 8:01 AM
wheel is more stable then the front due to higher spoke count ( in cases of low spoke count wheels), and stays. If the wheels are still under warranty, then wait for the lbs to do it. I wouldn't do any racing/hard cornering on them until they are checked. Maybe a knowledgeable buddy can help you out.

I only noticed mine after checking them. Never saw any problem while riding. They were loose by a couple of mm's.
If it's not excessive, should be okay. RearAlan Ross
Jul 23, 2002 8:08 AM
thanks paul..I think that if they were un-true even a little I would get it fixed or take it off and go back to my spinergy's in the back.